Election Results: Hate Wins

One of the advantages of being a little older is it gives you a broader perspective. Experience teaches you not to judge things in the moment, nor take things at face value, but examine them in the context of history.

I have lived through a number of presidential elections in my time, but I have never witnessed an election like the one in 2020. In the decades past it was always Republican vs Democrat, with an occasional Independent, each side claiming their party’s platform was best for America. There were always debates, arguments, sides chosen, and votes cast, but always conducted in a civil manner.

Supporters of opposing candidates always had good things to say about their candidate and bad things to say about the opponent. But most of these ‘things’ were about policies, they weren’t personal (except maybe for the not-so-nice cartoon caricatures). That was not the case this year. There was little civility, not only in the parties themselves, but in the streets. Civility took a nose-dive beginning with the 2016 election and continued until the 2020 election. This election wasn’t about policy. It wasn’t about what was best for America. It was about hate.

In 2008 when Obama was elected president, it was heralded as a new era in America, finally racism would die, and a wonderful spirit of cooperation would be the new norm. Sadly, history has shown that little or nothing became of “hope and change.” During the 8 years of the Obama administration the seeds of hate were sown at home, and across the world. Obama’s smooth talk and Michelle Obama’s blatant hatred for America, created a divide across the country in which the seeds of hate were able to take root.

Sure, there was talk of, but no ‘reaching across the isle.’ ‘Working together’ never happened, there was only the attitude of ‘elections have consequences.’ And if you didn’t agree with what those consequences were, you were labeled a hater or a racist. Words took precedence over action and emotion replaced logic.

Those seeds of hate were nurtured during the next 4 years. From the day Donald Trump was elected president, the attacks began from the left, from the party claiming ‘working-together.’ First it was the Russians interfered with the election. Then it was a 3 year, $32 Million investigation into Trump colluding with the Russians, which yielded absolutely zero evidence.

That attack was followed up by the sham of impeachment; when Congress should have been focusing on what they were elected to do in the first place. Finally Trump’s tax records were obtained which again found nothing illegal.

What was really going on here was the continual fanning the flames of hate. Hate had a target, and that target was President Trump. The media became the facilitator of hate, and you, the voter, were the target. You were who the America hating Liberals needed to get rid of Trump. By hook or crook it didn’t matter. It was the ‘the end justifies the means’ attitude.

Here is the proof: Why did you vote for Joe Biden?

Was it because you thought he would do a better job than Donald Trump? Or was it because you hated Trump? Joe Biden has been in political office for over 40 years; name one thing he did during that time that benefited you as an American. Donald Trump accomplished much more for America than the previous 2 presidents, but the hatred of Trump blinded people to those accomplishments. Donald Trump was not a smooth talking politician. He was rude and crude. He told it just like it was. He gave back what he got. You hit him, he hit back.

This article is not a defense of Donald Trump, it’s about what motivated your vote.

Without even realizing it, people were trained (or brainwashed) to hate Trump. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year the media fed the voters vindictive lies, twisted truths, and slanted commentary about Trump. Almost every single social media platform did their part to encourage hatred of Donald Trump.

Voters became instruments of hate, manipulated by lies, nurtured by the media, guided by a secret and effective weapon. The weapon used to track and shape voters likes and dislikes is known as an algorithm.

What is an algorithm? Webster defines it as a procedure for solving a mathematical problem (as of finding the greatest common divisor) in a finite number of steps that frequently involves repetition of an operation.” In other words its a computer program (formula) that uses key words, and internet viewing habits, to tailor internet searches to your interests. It also suggests internet content based on what you have recently viewed.

Say you read an article on baking cookies, then other articles on baking cookies are soon suggested on your home internet page, or in your Google searches. Advertisers have been using these algorithms for years for marketing, which explains those annoying ads showing up on Facebook while your scrolling through your home page.

These same algorithms are used to feed you news, manipulate your thought patterns, even influence what you perceive as truth. For instance; say you clicked on an article that accused Trump of colluding with the Russians. The next time you went to your internet home page, or social media platform you would find more articles accusing Trump of wrong doing. If you viewed another article with the same central theme, the algorithm would then produce more and more of the same type of articles. The more you read those types of articles, the more of them are suggested.

For 4 years people were trained to hate Trump, and most voters chose Biden over Trump because of hate. Period. Hate motivated people to engage in all kinds of cheating to make sure the candidate they hated didn’t win. Many think they have gained a great victory in voting Trump out of office, without considering the consequences. Hate never produces good things, it only creates lawlessness.

Do you think everything is going to be great now because Trump has been voted out, even tough you acted in hate to get what you want? I think you will find out you’ve been used, but is’ too late. It doesn’t matter if you voted out of hate intentionally or not. It doesn’t matter you didn’t consider the consequences, nor does it matter if it was unintentional, the result is the same.

We will see a great spiritual truth play out in all of this. And that truth is:

You reap what you sow. We have sown the seeds of hate and expect to reap peace and happiness. Many are happy about the outcome of this election, and many are not. Unfortunately, the real winner in this presidential election is hate.

And remember this; “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.” (Galatians 6:7)