American Taxpayer 97 Obama 0


For the past few weeks I have blogged about Obama’s ridiculous 2012 Federal Budget. On May 25th Obama’s budget was summarily tossed out on its ear by the democratically controlled Senate.

It was rejected unanimously, even his old pal Harry Reid said no.

            Think about that for a minute. This budget did not receive one single vote….from anybody! Has this ever happened before? That a president’s proposed Federal Budget was totally rejected by the entire Senate?

            You know if Harry Reid thought so little of Obama’s proposed budget that there was no debate, then it really was bad. No effort to edit or rework the bill, just a flat out rejection!

            Meanwhile in the House, Obama’s budget suffered the same fate. No support from Nancy Pelosi? You would have thought that Nancy would have suggested that they ‘pass it, and then find out what’s in it’. You know, like she did with Healthcare. But not this time. Good for you Nancy.

            While President Obama is tap dancing around Europe, his Proposed 2012 Federal Budget was Bitch-slapped! I wonder if he considers this rejection one of those ‘historic events’ he loves to talk about.

            I would have loved to have seen the look on his face when the vote came in. Boom!

            Of course Harry Reid didn’t waste this opportunity to slam the proposed Ryan Plan, using the same old demagoguery – The Republicans want to kill granny by destroying Medicare. But Mr. Reid also failed to recommend a Democratic version of a budget. I wonder why that was. Oh yeah, they don’t have one.

            We will continue our examination of Mr. Obama’s joke-of-a-budget mainly because I do not trust Mr. Obama, Mr. Reid, or Ms. Pelosi. I am sure the next version will be full of the same wasteful tactics that this budget bill contains, so let’s be aware.

            But for the moment, let’s celebrate this victory – The American taxpayer 97, Obama 0.