IRS Ordered To Pay A $50,000 Fine

irsIn a decision known as a consent judgment, the IRS agreed to pay $50,000 for violating privacy laws, leaking confidential documents to a homosexual activist. Hailed as a victory by National Organization for Marriage over the IRS is for the average tax payer nothing more than a joke.

A brief Synopsys of the case is as follows:

An IRS employee (whose name we do not know) gave a copy of NOM’s 2008 tax return to Mattew Meisel (a homosexual activist). Who turned the documents over to Joe Solmonese who posted the return on the Human Rights Campaign website.

The posted tax return listed donations to National Organization for Marriage and who the donors were. One of those donors was Mitt Romney.

The tax return was posted on the Human Rights Campaign website in Feb 2012. As you should recall, this was election year. The campaign between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama was in full swing and still up in the air. Too-close-to-call indicated by polling data available at that time.

The information posted was designed to show Mr. Romney as someone who was not only rich, but was against Human Rights. The Human Rights Campaign organization has little to do with ‘human rights,’ but everything to do with homosexual marriage. NOM’s position on homosexual marriage was the polar opposite of the Human Rights Campaign.

As a Side Note: I smell David Axelrod (the master of character assassination) in all of this, but that is off the subject at hand.

During the proceedings Mathew Meisel pleaded the 5th refusing to disclose the name of the IRS employee who handed over the information. Where have we heard that before?

Of further suspicion: HRC’s president at the time, Joe Solmonese, miraculously was selected to be Barack Obama’s nation re-election co chairman the exact same month; Feb 2012. (“Not a smidgen of corruption” here) right?

Disclosure of private documents, by a government institution entrusted with the financial information of every tax-paying American, cannot be tolerated, much less be allowed to act without consequence.

While progressive’s turn their heads declaring this to be a Republican witch-hunt, they willingly compromise the privacy of everyone. It would be fair to suggest progressives might see things in a different light if these same events took place during the Bush election year, and the Republicans were the recipients of this same type of information used to discredit their opponents?

Allowing this type of partiality to take place, from either side of the isle, can only lead to an eventual social dictatorship, where no civil rights are sacred. And we are approaching that state of affairs rapidly.

The secondary results of this case are the real meat and potatoes of the problem.

1. The IRS was defended by the Justice Department.

Since when did the Department Of Justice become a defender of the offender?

The mission statement of the DOJ is “To enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law; to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic; to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; to seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.”

Defending a government agency engaged in illegal acts does not fall within its designated purpose. They should be investigating and seeking prosecution of those involved in these illegal acts, not defending them.

2. Yet another IRS official escapes any accountability for violating the law. And the person who has direct contact with the guilty IRS employee claims the 5th without consequence, even benefiting from violation of the law.

3. The court approved the settlement (the admission of guilt) forcing the IRS to pay a $50,000 fine.

Where did the $50,000 come from? Well it came from government funds most would say, and they would be correct. But where does the government get its funding? From the taxpayers. Governments do not have their own money, they don’t make money. They only spend money – money they collect by force from the citizenry.

Our $50,000 is being paid to an individual organization because an employee or employees of the IRS violated the law. On whom does the consequence of this action fall?

On the IRS? The IRS is still the IRS. It’s still in business. It still operating just like it did yesterday, last week, and last month. So what consequence fell on them…none?

Was any employee of the IRS fired as the result of this violation of trust and law? No. So the consequence for the violation of law on any IRS employee was….nothing!

So who did pay the price for this violation of trust and law? The American taxpayer. We suffered the consequences of the actions of one or more IRS employees.

The IRS paid out $50,000 of our money because of the actions of their employees. Our money, not theirs…ours.

4. If justice is to be done, then a full scale investigation should begin to ascertain the guilty party, and or parties involved. But Since the DOJ positioned itself as a defender of the IRS how can they possibly initiate an investigation of their defendant? Cute trick don’t you think. Making the DOJ as guilty as the IRS!

If discovered, the employee or employees, should be fired. Fired without benefits, firing someone and allowing the guilty to keep their paychecks and benefits is not justice..

If the guilty employee cannot be determined, then everyone in the department that had access to such records or even the entire office involved should pay the $50,000 out of their pockets. If there are 1,000 employees with potential access or involvement, then they each pay $50. If its 100, then they each pay $500.

Before you shout “That’s not fair!” let me ask you “is it fair that I or you pay for it?” Because that’s exactly what has happened. Our tax money is being paid out because and IRS employee (or employees) broke the law.

The IRS is an out-of-control government agency, which does what it wants without fear of consequence. The same agency wields the power to literally destroy people’s lives through control of their finances and personal information. Information which could easily be used by those of ill intensions, to defame others. Which is exactly what happened in this case

This type of government coercion is exactly what the founding fathers wanted to prevent when they penned the Constitution. It is the same type of coercion the current progressive administration is using to control the populace: fear and intimidation.

Who can afford to do battle with the IRS when the IRS has unlimited funding to finance their efforts?

Who can afford to challenge the IRS in court when the IRS has the ability to freeze bank accounts, impose garnishments on wages, seize and sell private property?

512px-SS-hauptsturmführer2The IRS has become the SS of this progressive administration, answering to no one expect those who are in a position to grant immunity and political favors. Completely immune from consequence in any action. Anyone who opposes this progressive administration – sic the IRS on them.

If you think you are immune from intimidation and coercion by the IRS you are wrong. It could very easily be you who is selected from the next IRS lottery of random selection. It could be you who is hated by an employee of the IRS.

The IRS is the head of the snake, and it’s time to kill it. It’s time to defund it.

The pundits of the left all laughed and sneered at Sarah Palins warning of Obamacare as possessing the ability to impose death panels, but isn’t it a fact the IRS has the power to kill anyone financially?

The IRS has become a secrete and evil master, demanding they be left alone, warning you, by their actions, not to draw attention to yourself by challenging their authority, or you will suffer the consequences, with modus operandi much like the SS of Germany in the 30’s.