Just Say No!

Just say no to the request to raise the Federal Debt limit.

The attention this issue has received the last few weeks by the media has no doubt created many unwarranted fears about what will happen if the debt limit is not raised. As if the government will just cease to function. Nothing of the sort will happen.

The Government will be forced to stop spending money they don’t have. Period!

But many politicians don’t want this to happen. It means they will be forced to pull money from unnecessary pet projects and redirect those funds to mandatory government outlays.

That will make them unpopular with some of their constituents. Sad isn’t it? That the only way some elected officials can garner support is by giving money away. What happened to earning voter support by doing the right thing?

Alas, doing what you were elected to do, no matter how unpopular, has been replaced by impersonating Santa Claus.

Let’s say you have a credit card that is at its limit, but you decide you want to continue to charge on this same card. If you called the credit card issuer and asked them to raise your limit, what do you think their answer would be?

They would likely consider your request; but they would also likely review certain aspects of your account. They would look at your payment history to see if you had made your payments on time.

They would likely look to see if you are making more than your minimum payments, or is your debt continually growing.

 Then they might ask why the raise is needed – is it for a health related emergency, or the like? Or is it just to purchase something you want? And having your purchase history they are able to see what you did with your purchasing power.

Lastly, they may consider how many times in the past you have had your limit raised. Now relate this to the Government’s request to raise the limit on their credit card (The Debt Ceiling) and you are the credit card issuer (The Taxpayer).

Let’s look at the government’s payment history:

Have they paid on time? Yes, but they seem to be paying later and later. They can’t seem to pass a budget on time.

Are they making more than minimum payments? No, they are making only the minimum and their debt is growing rapidly. This administration has accumulated more debt that any administration in history!

Is additional credit this for an emergency? No, there has been no emergency declared, which means they want to continue to spend money on things that they want but do not need.

We have this administrations purchase history, and it’s more wasteful than any we have ever seen. They need to just work with what they have – just like most working families have to.

And no Mr. Obama we don’t need you flying all over the country, making song and dance speeches as to why we need to raise the Debt Ceiling. How about just save that fuel money.

And to the government’s request for a raise to their credit card limit, its time to just say no!

1 thought on “Just Say No!

  1. But they want to fly their friends and family around on the tax payers dollar and build sidewalks on streets where there are no houses or children, spend money on social programs that are a waste, etc etc. When one does not earn it he is more likely to spend it. No sweat off their back? Exactly what you said many of these guys get elected not by doing the right thing but by the projects that they divert taxpayermoney to. We need a project called, Fixing America by controlling spending, if they do their part we vote them in. If not…adios

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