Kudo’s to Sam’s Club


Thank you Sam’s Club

Several months back, I wrote a scathing blog about Sam’s club destruction of the self-check out line.

Upon recent visits I was pleasantly surprised to see; Sam’s Club has changed their pointless and redundant policies regarding self-checkout.

Gone is the requirement to move your 10 items from one shopping cart to another just in case you are unable to count to 10.

Gone is the self-checkout assigned cashier who checked your 10 items or less in case you couldn’t count, only to repeat the same inspection by yet another person when you reached the exit.

Now things are as they should be. Self-checkout is working, without help, without interference, without policies designed to annoy instead of helping.

Scan your 10 items or less, pay with your credit card, make your way to the exit. Sweet!

Did my article about my dissatisfaction with the Sam’s Club self-checkout policies have any effect on   their decision to change their policy for the better?

No way of knowing, but seeing the desired change in policy is satisfaction enough.

Being a fair person, I believe in giving credit where credit is due, so; as much as I blasted the previous Sam’s Club policy, I now commend them on the recent changes,  and a win is a win. I’m happy.

Now if I could only make fellow customers understand 10 items or less means 10 items or less.