Orlando, Obama, and Reality

In the aftermath of the Orlando terrorist attack, we watched as an angry President Obama addressed the situation.


It wasn’t long before Obama quickly went on the attack and found scapegoat for the events in Orlando in one Donald Trump.

In the same un-presidential rant he took the opportunity to bring gun-control rights into the address. An agenda item which he has tried to check off his bucket list since early in his presidency, when the Democrats lost control of the House.

However it was completely obvious to everyone, except died-in-the-wool, hardcore liberals, his anger was misplaced.

Understandably, he was upset about another terrorist attack on American soil under his watch, but there are other factors which need to be considered that triggered such a rant.

His anger could have been triggered, by the confronted reality which shattered a long-held fantasy; that Islam is undeniably linked to terrorism and terrorism is undeniably linked to Islam. This reality hit Obama hard, for the Orlando victims were not just any victims, they were all from the LBGT community, a group for which Obama has shown much empathy for, and they were gunned-down by an Islamic terrorist.

It is quite possible this was the event, the moment, which shattered the illusion of the peaceful nation of Islam somehow would acquiesce to America and alter their views on homosexuality.

Obama has long thought Islam and America could all just get-along; Somehow Islam to Obama was a religion of peace, only hijacked by a few nuts who have perverted the faith. What he failed to realize is in the Islamic world there is no separation between church and state, and both operate under sharia law, which no Muslim was or is interested in altering.

Somehow Obama thought because he was able to manipulate American values and change the laws to accommodate 3% of the population at the expense of acceptance by the other 97%, that he would be able to get Muslims to change Sharia law to aqueous to America, LBGT community and all. The terrorist attack by a confessed Muslim on his beloved LBGT community was just too much to rationalize, so the rant.

Proof of this is revealed in the rant itself. First he goes after Trump, the first scapegoat that came to mind. Why, because Trump’s view to temporary ban Muslim immigration, in light of the increasing number of terrorist attacks at home, was validated by the Orlando massacre. Trump was right, again, and Obama was wrong.

Part of the rant was a rebuttal, or defense, of Obama’s continual refusal to use the term “Islamic-Terrorism” and his insistence on referring to ISIS as ISIL, saying changing the name is not going to make it go away. While that is true within the confines of the statement, it does describe a direct link between terrorism and Islam, which Obama is unwilling to accept. There are certain types of people who cannot accept criticism and cannot admit being wrong without lashing out in anger, especially if the criticism, and being proved wrong, is in public.

Narcissistic people like Obama are this type of personality.

And while Obama claims “changing the name is not going to make it go away,” he is perfectly willing to freely use the term “Assault-Rifle” in these types of attacks, when in fact the gun used in the Orlando Night Club attack was not an assault rifle. The media picked up the assault rifle term and attached it to being an AR-15, which was incorrect as well.

The long and short of this tragedy, was it was directly due to the mental perceptions of Islam by Obama reflected in his fanciful policies regarding Islam. It remains to be seen how this crushed fantasy will affect Obama in the remainder of his Presidency.