Dealing With The Islamic Invasion Of The U.S.


While we are focused on events half way around the globe we are ignoring a cancer eating away at our way of life right here at home.

It’s often the unseen, unnoticed things in life that can have the most dramatic effects and dire consequences. Take cancer for example. How many times has cancer gone unnoticed or the warning signs ignored, until the damage is so great nothing can be done to defeat it.

There is a form of cancer infiltrating our country for some time now and the danger it represents to our way of life is being completely ignored. That cancer is Islam.

Why have we been ignoring the danger that Islam represents to us for so long?

There are a number of reasons, but the major reason is Political Correctness. We have been feed a steady diet of the drug PC (Political Correctness) for so long now we really truly believe that Islam is ‘a religion of peace,’ even though there are no facts, historical or otherwise, to support this ridiculous claim.

Sadly, we are being this same nonsense from the President of the United States and party of Progressives.

Throughout history Islam has spread by invasion and conquest, not by peace. A live and let live policy has no meaning to Islam. Their intolerant, radical ideology has always been convert or die.

Muslims do not assimilate into any country’s culture, they remain separate in almost all of their social activities, and do so by choice. PC propaganda would have you believe they are being ostracized, without cause, by us, yet their failure to assimilate has created their own separation.

The media is quick to defend Islam, insisting the terrorists represent a microscopic number of Muslims, and ‘moderate’ Muslims are not terrorists. And most Muslims just want to live in peace.

Why is the media so quick to participate in this cover-up? Muslim Money invested in the media.

How many of these ‘peaceful‘ Islamic leaders, or communities in general, have denounced the atrocities committed by Islamic terrorists around the world? Too few to count.

One of the founding pillars of the U.S. is freedom of religion. But the limits of religious freedom are defined by the law of the land, which dovetails into another founding pillar of our country – separation of church and state.


The Muslims are taking advantage of freedom of religion while ignoring the separation of church and state, and we are allowing it to our own destruction, under the childish illusion we can all just get along, as if Islam operates on some kind of live-and-let live equality.

In Islam there is no such thing as separation of church and state. Sharia law being the inseparable link binding the two into one way of life completely contrary to our way of life.

How is this is happening?

Immigrants from Islamic countries come here, requesting citizenship while refusing to assimilate. They seek to expand Islam, expecting us to accept their faith, while they have nothing but disdain for ours.

And if you think the numbers are insignificant, then think again. According to Federal Data U.S. Annually Admits Quarter of A Million Muslim Migrants.

The countries they come from do not allow freedom of religion, its Islam, persecution, or death, so it begs the question; why do they come here? They come to take and give back nothing.

Take advantage of our freedom of religion, our healthcare, our welfare programs, social protection, and importantly our international trade agreements.

The same countries that only recognize Islam as their faith and law fund conquest efforts in the U.S. Think about that for a minute. Countries that won’t allow any religion to exist in their own country except Islam take full advantage of our freedom of religion.

The country responsible for most of the funding in this invasion, while being totally intolerant of any religion but Islam in their own country is Saudi Arabia. Our ‘friend‘ in the Middle East, our Muslim ‘ally‘, according to all of the PC indoctrination.

Why do we allow Saudi Arabia to spend $Billions to build mosques in the U.S. while refusing to allow Christian churches to be built in their own country? Christians are not only denied citizenship in Saudi Arabia, they are not allowed to worship in public.

Is that what you visualize as free trade? Social cooperation?

Has PC so clouded our judgement we have accepted the torture of Christians in Saudi Arabia while allowing them to invest Billions in our own country.

80% of the mosques build in America are Saudi funded.

And theses Mosques are being radicalized by the Saudis.

This investment in not limited to mosques, but also the establishment of schools. Islamic Academies, they are called. I would suggest you do an Internet search of Islamic Academies located in your own state, it may surprise you. Here are a couple of slogans from The Islamic Academy of Alabama. They so encapsulate peace:


islam3                                                             islam4


Of the few Muslims who seek to break away from the slavery of Islam even fewer escape. Those who attempt to leave are trampled underfoot by the radicals.

Saudi funding of Islamic efforts in the U.S. is a cancer to our way of life, and if it’s not removed soon it will kill us.

What do we do?

First, we must cut off the influx of Muslim money by new legislation. It’s only fair (in the real sense of the meaning not like fair used by a disingenuous president Obama). So what’s fair? Enacting legislation that states in clear language; for every dollar Saudi Arabia invests in Mosques here in the U.S. they have to allow equal amounts to be spent in their country for constructing Christian Churches.

Along with this funding, their local law enforcement agencies must insure their protection to the same extent Muslims in the U.S. enjoy.

You say that’s not realistic. Exactly. They of course will refuse this arrangement, but if they reject the rules then our aim is still accomplished – the banishment of Saudi funded Islamic expansion in the U.S.

Secondly– every immigrant that seeks to become a citizen of the U.S. must publicly swear or affirm the constitution of the U.S. as being the law of the land trumping Sharia law. And this must be done before they arrive here saving us the cost and trouble of deportation.

Third– any Muslim who is found guilty of terrorism against the U.S., their entire family is deported. No more of this putting one in prison and allowing the rest of the family to stay.

I think too few people understand Saudi Arabia’s role in the Muslim world. While most of the Middle Eastern countries provide brainwashed soldiers to carry out the butchery of Islam, Saudi Arabia’s mission is to provide the funds to build mosques in the U.S. and Europe, and administer brainwashing schools.

Think of Saudi Arabia as college for Islamic brainwashing. Did you know those leaders or people of import in the Middle East who have strayed from the purer faith of Islam are sent to Saudi Arabia for re-training?

Remember 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudi Arabian citizens- our ‘friend‘ in the Middle East.

These measures may seem harsh, but you have to decide do want to continue to enjoy freedom of religion or do you want to become Islamic slaves? If you discover cancer in your body do you think it wise to try and reason with it hoping it will understand and not kill you? Or do you remove it? That is the choice we face today. We must act before it’s too late.