Donald Trump Rolls The Dice and Dumps The Fox Debate

If you think Donald Trump has blown off the Fox debate tonight out fear you would be mistaken. Donald Trump is a lot of things, but fearful isn’t one of them. I have enjoyed the widespread commentary implying Trump is forgoing tonight’s debate because he is afraid of what Megyn Kelly might ask him. It’s laughable. Megyn-Kelly-6

There can be no argument Megyn Kelly attacked Donald Trump at the first Fox debate, and Trump is not willing to let that slide. CZnMFORW0AA-n97

Trump is rolling the dice – he is counting on his followers taking his side in this – standing up to the mighty media, and while I’m not a Trump supporter at this point, I admire his courage. Trump is going to prove tonight that Fox needs Trump more than Trump needs Fox. And he is going to win.

His victory will be expensive for Fox in lost revenue and viewership. Like it or not Trump has been, and is the main attraction in these primary debates, and everyone knows it. Fox will pay for their defense of Megan Kelly.

This is a big deal. While the Republican debates have garnered huge ratings, the Democratic debates have all been snoozers. They have all been aired at times when the viewership couldn’t possibly be lower, which I suspect has been on purpose, since the candidates the Democrats have offered are either whack-jobs or criminals.

As for me I’m not taking sides, but enjoying the game.

However, I’m tired of the media lying, influencing, and manipulating people and elections for ratings. And I am not alone. Internet viewership is exploding while national media viewership is imploding.  They no longer report the news; it’s become all commentary, opinion, and commercials. How about you just go back to reporting and let me decide what to think about the information provided. Wouldn’t that be novel?

Along comes Trump – and upsets their little apple cart. The media is realizing they are losing their long established sway over the public and they are fighting back. So far its Trump 1 Media 0.

Now that Trump has rolled the dice, people are still placing bets on who will win – the media or Trump. My money is on Trump!trump