Obama : The Osama Tour


Like the rock star he thinks he is, President Obama wasted little time arranging his victory tour after the demise of Osama Bin Laden.  I am for giving the devil his due. And since he finally managed to do something right, he should be able to gloat for at least a day.

I, like many Americans, was glad that U.S. forces finally killed Osama.

The feeling of victory spread quickly. At times quciker than the news itself. Celebrations broke out across the country upon hearing Osama finally got what was coming to him.

 The excitement was so overwhelming for one Washington reporter that he mistakenly announced that President Obama was dead. Poor guy. That little error has to be a real plus for his career.

With the tornado victims in Alabama getting all of the press, and the economy flat more television time was needed. And fast! President Obama was quick to seize the moment.

 Let’s do a tour:

  • May 1st the announcement that Osama was dead.
  • May 2nd R.S.V.P.’s were sent out. Even former president Bush was invited to join him on the tour.
  • May 3rd Some of the staff got promotions
  • May 4th An interview was filmed with 60 Minutes for airing on May 8th
  • May 5th The celebration at Ground Zero was arranged.

Many sugestions were  tossed around in the Obama camp how to make this tour last as along as possible.

“I know, let’s hold the public interest by teasing them with whether or not to release the photos of the dead Osama”. “Let’s keep em’ guessing, it worked before”. One of his staff probably threw out there.

Personally, I don’t think the photos should be aired or made public. There is no point.

Some worry that the released photos would inflame the Islamic terrorists. Who cares if it does? I’m still pretty damn inflamed about 9/11/2001. Some merely have a morbid curiosity and want to see blood and gore. Others demand proof. We don’t need to see the photos, let’s move on.

One question remains; will there be tee-shirts?

But let’s slow down just a little. And cut through the cloud of pyrotechnics.

This Osama victory tour is a publicity stunt, plan and simple. If the President wants to remember the victims of 9/11/2001, 9/11 would be the appropriate time, not May 5th.

If he truly wanted to honor those who lost loved ones on 9/11 why did he skip so many previous 9/11 memorial services? I think the reasons are pretty evident.

During all of this air time, will he address the 474,000 first time jobless claims this week? Will he comment on the emminent show-down over the National debt limit?

No he won’t. Not now.

It’s time for everyone to see how great President Obama sees himself. It’s time to be a rock star. It’s time to seize the moment. It’s time to tell the American people ‘how great I am, but there are more great things for me to do’.


Mr. President, when you get done patting yourself on the back and the tour winds down- how about see if you can do something else right.