Obama’s Cuba

obama_cuba_usa In a continuation of his current temper tantrum over losing control of the Senate after the 2014 Mid-Terms, President Obama has gone the extra mile, poking his finger in the eye of the American people by opening relations with Cuba.

While many are left wondering why Obama decided to do this at this time, I have already told you one reason – the Obama temper tantrum. This president is so thin-skinned he cannot tolerate any criticism, by anyone. Nor can he believe everyone is not continually in awe of him.

President Obama could rightfully be considered a ‘cult hero’ president. He came on the scene young, attractive, with a simple “Hope and Change” message that resonated with an x-generation nation. But as with all cult heroes, their attraction fades quickly, especially when the hero turns out to be a zero.

This is but one reason, and not the main reason. The main reason for this move is GITMO. Obama plans to use this new relationship with Cuba as leverage to close GITMO. In will come out in the weeks ahead, reasoning why it will be in the interest of resuming relations a wise and timely move to go ahead and close GITMO.

You heard it here first. Well actually second. I first announced it on twitter the day President Obama made his announcement.

Closing GITMO is not the only reason, but it is the primary one. President Obama seems to have great sympathy for anything Islam. Some have accused him of being a closet Muslim. I cannot say definitively one way or another. I can only make judgments based on his actions, and those actions are pro-Islam. And releasing the rest of the Muslim terrorists held at GITMO supports my position.

Thus far we have stated 2 reasons. There are others, a good community organizer creates as much chaos as possible.

The next is an extension of the immigration amnesty Obama effected by executive memo. The Federal Budget is already under strain from excessive expenditures in social services (welfare) and these recent executive actions will only make matters worse. Soon Americans who ae competing for employment will compete for disappearing welfare resources with illegal immigrants from Mexico and Cuba.

Those are the big three reasons, with closing GITMO at the top spot.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Jayz and Beyonce want to buy property in Cuba. I mean they have already been to Cuba to check it out. The trip was labeled as an “educational exchange” trip, authorized by the Office of Foreign Assets Control under the “people-to-people” educational exchange program.

The only thing standing in their way was this Cuba blockade. No problem, a quick call to the White House and shazzam – problem solved.

Food for thought.