Obama Talks About Another Government Shutdown

Today President Obama, before flying off to Nashville where he is scheduled to make a speech on immigration, he took the time to address the Senior Leaders of the Federal workforce. The contents of the speech are the normal political rhetoric we have become all too familiar with from this president, but there are a couple of sections of this speech that caught my attention and I would like to expound on them.

The first addresses a couple of conditions which don’t exist – yet.

“You work under tough circumstances, whether it’s sequestration, pay freeze, shutdown, and, more importantly, a political climate where folks too often talk down government for cheap applause.”

Bear in mind President Obama is not addressing members of the military, or any Federal Law enforcement agency, he is talking to the other Federal Employees- for the most part non-essential Federal Employees. But this didn’t keep Obama from emphasizing non-existent conditions.

The first one, good for a laugh “You work under tough circumstances.” What tough circumstances? They had to cut back on postage? Or travel? I know of very few people who wouldn’t gladly swap their private sector paycheck and benefits package with these Senior Federal Employees. Of course, those in the audience certainly agreed with the president’s assessment of their exaggerated plight.

The second point “whether it’s sequestration.” The President is referring to the Budget Control act of 2011, which he himself signed into law. It was a last resort agreement when the Democrats and President Obama realized they were not going to get to spend as much as they wanted and a government shutdown loomed (non-essential services only). The military, Social Security, all forms of Welfare would continue as they were excluded from the sequestration. As well as the salaries of all the elected officials, the cabinet, and the President himself.

But that was 2011. In 2013 some of those predetermined cuts took place. Ironically no one who attended this speech took a pay cut, or a benefit cut. Not one cent. And after the agreement was reached and the bill signed everyone got back pay. With interest. Yet here’s Obama saying “ You work under tough circumstances, whether it’s sequestration, pay freeze, shutdown.”

Here is an article giving a brief synopsis of the 2011 act and the effects in 2013.

I cannot help but suspect Obama expects, or wants there to be another shutdown. He is a gifted orator often telling people (he likes the word folks when he is in full narcissistic mode) what he’s not going to do, and then do it anyway. Or quickly passing blame to the Republicans, when it’s his fault. Barking about what’s ‘fair’ as if he’s the only one qualified to determine the definition.

So I question if another government shutdown is coming. Since the dead-beats in the Democratic controlled Senate have not passed an Annual Federal Budget since Obama has been in office, and they are going to lose control of the Senate in January 2015, there exists a small problem. A problem that came to light when the Democrats lost control of the Senate in the November elections. They only have enough money under the current Continuing Resolution to fund the government until February 2015.

Obama knows this. He also knows a Republican led Senate is not going to allow him to keep operating on continuing resolutions. He is going to have to present a budget next year, and the Republicans are going to make cuts to that budget which Obama is not going to like.

So Obama is hoping to extend the current continuing resolution until September 2015, so he can burn up the nation credit card for another 9 months. The Republicans are not going to want to let him do this, so a fight is coming, possibly a shutdown. President Obama wants to fore-warn everyone its coming, it’s not his fault, and he wants to empathize with all the poor Senior Federal Leaders who might have their paychecks delayed a couple of weeks.

Lastly “and, more importantly, a political climate where folks too often talk down government for cheap applause.” How in the hell does this statement have any effect on anyone in this audience? Are they going to get their feelings hurt? And if so, tough. No this is directed at us, the voters, who are fed up with lies and failure.

President Obama, along with the other progressive democrats, has created this very climate. People today have less trust in this administration than any previous administration at any time in recent history. This has been the least transparent administration I can remember.

We have a Narcissistic President, who has surrounded himself with the most liberal, lying, conniving bunch of incompetents in history. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, sitting on his hands, refusing to pass any legislation, and refusing to call the Obama’s hand on anything, has allowed this President to virtually rule this country by decree.

So yes, the vast majority of Americans are often “talking down” this administration and their total lack of leadership. The Progressives are beating the drum of immigration amnesty, now six years after the fact. Obama and the progressive democrats had total control of the government for the first two years of his presidency. Did he try to pass immigration reform then? No! Why not? Because he doesn’t care about anyone or anything except buying votes. 6 years later most hard-working middle-class Americans know this to be true and they rightfully “talk down government.”

Americans in the private sector want jobs, full time jobs, to support themselves and their families. But what have they got after 6 years of Obama? Part time jobs, lower pay, no retirement, and a half-assed medical insurance plan, which is little more than expanded Medicaid with premiums, so yes, the public is “talking down government.”

Americans died on Benghazi because of incompetence and the public lied to when the attack was blamed on a video hardly anyone even heard about. So yes, Americans knew this, and they rightfully “talk down government.”

5 Taliban leaders, freed from Gitmo, in an exchange for 1 American traitor named Bergdahl. So yes, Americans knew this, and they rightfully “talk down government.”

Dozens of other actions just like these have created an atmosphere where the people are fed up, and they rightfully “talk down government.” But not any government. This government. This administration.

The stage is being set for another short term budget battle. Another last spending spree, a possible government shut down, and another it’s-not-my-fault episode, brought to you by Barack Obama and his Progressive posse’.

@8:00 pm I’ve had to add to this post, because Speaker John Boehner (cave-in Boehner) has agreed to extend the CR to fund the govt until Sept of 2015 at a cost of $1.1 Trillion. He and the rest of the RINO’s who agreed to this are worthless and no longer represent the people.