The Flexibility Or Weakness of Obama

Remember this?


This little agreement between President Obama and Vladimir Putin (March 2012) yielded this result a short year later (3/15/2013). Newly elected president Obama pulled the plug on the 4th phase of a missile defense system in Poland.

This was not the first time Obama had canceled missile defense deployment in Europe; the first time was in 2009, during his first year as President.

The first year of both terms the president took the liberty of weakening Europe’s missile defenses. Each time these cancelations took place with little fan-fair, but this time with consequences.

Was the Russian encroachment into Crimea part of the deal that Obama indicated he ‘would have more flexibility’ in? Or was it yet another foreign policy weakness of this administration exposed? Or was it both?

In either event, people’s lives are at risk, and those lives are at risk, in part anyway, because this administration has failed.

So when you hear Obama say this


Do you believe him? Do you think the Russians believe him? Do you think anyone on the world stage believes him?

I doubt it.

Since the primary function of the commander in chief is to protect this nation against any and all enemies, how safe do you feel? It’s one thing to support a president that hands out domestic freebies to his constituents, it’s quite another to support a president who is putting our national security, your life, at risk.


Europe has lost the missile shield; Russia has Edwin Snowden, and will soon install a puppet government in Crimea, all because of the flexibility of this president.

What security have we already lost, and how much more will we lose in the future?

It wasn’t too many years ago that a very popular, and flexible Bill Clinton had the opportunity to collect Osama Bin Laden from a country willing to hand him over.

Clinton ignored the opportunity, perhaps too busy enjoying his domestic popularity and Bin Laden disappeared.

Of course that little mistake culminated in 9/11. 9/11, a day that would mark history with the largest single day loss of American life, eclipsing the loss of American life at Pearl Harbor.

What will the ‘flexibility’ or weakness of this president hold in store for our future security, or lack thereof?