The Progressive Battle Plan For 2014

MWage With elections this year likely to decide control of both the House and the Senate, progressives are busy formulating their battle plan to keep control of at least one of the two houses. Progressives, left with fewer options likely to succeed than in the past, their new plan will be deflection.

The reliance on the President’s oratory skills will not work in 2014 because of Obamacare. On some 27 documented occasions President Obama made the statement “If you like your insurance plan, you can keep it….” That statement has turned out to be a lie: A lie so obvious that many Democrats are distancing themselves from the entire program, fearing for their political futures.

Democrats cannot point to any successes in the last 6 years – Their signature piece of legislation – Obamacare – has turned out to be their biggest problem. They cannot take credit for an economic recovery, for there isn’t one, and it could be factually argued the Obama Administrations’ efforts to stimulate the economy have done more to hinder recovery, than to help it.

The President’s own administration has done damage to the progressive movement. Not in carrying out the progressive agenda, but in their sloppy implementation and oversight of the movement.

The revelation that the IRS was targeting conservative groups is a credibility nightmare for Democrats. Very few people trusted the IRS to begin with, and this last debacle gave every registered voter (except for those on the extreme left) even less reason to trust them.

Couple together a suspicious IRS, charged with administering an unpopular Obamacare, and you have a political hot-rock which no Democrat can handle nor dispose of without political cost.

Then there is Benghazi, a disaster of major proportions in more ways than one, which reeks of obvious political cover up reminiscent of Watergate, but on a more sobering scale. While Watergate centered around a break in and subsequent cover up, in Benghazi 4 men died.

They died because then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was derelict in her duty as Secretary of State to protect and attempt to rescue our men. The cover story the Administration quickly chose not only ruined any future political aspirations of Susan Rice, it was laughable. Blaming a YouTube video that few people ever heard of? What wasn’t laughable was 4 Americans were dead.

The Benghazi tragedy took place while the President was campaigning; an event progressives tried hard to hide. To make matters worse Hillary Clinton testifying before a Congressional hearing over Benghazi last year came off as a politician who just didn’t give a damn.

And people took notice; liberals and conservatives alike. But perhaps more importantly, independents took notice, and perhaps began leaning right.

There are many other failures of this Administration, but those 3 caused so much damage it was like a ship taking 3 torpedoes broadside. Americans are angry, and rightfully so.

Which brings us back to the only tactic the progressives have left to use to try and win in 2014 – deflection. But you have to have something to deflect too: And I am telling you flat out the Progressive mantra this year will be The Minimum Wage.

Hoping for something better or some glimmer of success they could point to, the progressives finally had to make their choice and settle on the minimum wage issue.

While pushing hard against voter ID legislation in key states, wanting to keep things as-is until after 2016, even by their own estimates, they are not going to be able steal enough votes in 2014 to win, so the minimum wage issue is their best hope.

The ads are already running on the internet. The hashtag on Twitter is #RaiseTheWage.

Websites are being created, like this one, so everyone will get aboard the free-ride train.

 Carpet-bagger and wanna-be plantation-owner Keith Maurice Ellison, the U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district is the chosen mouthpiece for this new ‘cause.’

He’s the perfect choice, he’s a minority, has a do-nothing past, and is an arrogant smart-ass. But he will only be the initiator, people will only tolerate a smart-ass for so long, but who will take up the torch?

The usual suspects for the launching of a national campaign are in hiding: Debbie Wasserman Schultz – the progressive attack-dog wasn’t chosen because she is still trying to figure out how to put the Democratic campaign fund back in the black, having emptied the coffers and even going into debt to keep Obama in office in 2012.

VP Biden; who has a talent for idiocy in public speaking, would be a terrible choice, and has recently been pulled of the public speaking tour to prevent further damage.

 So who does that leave to carry the message? My suspicion is it will be Obama himself. I don’t think Hillary will risk doing any more damage to her 2016 presidential run, but Obama still has a debt to pay to the progressive movement, repayment for his 8 years of life in the lime light.

So the plan of deflection is in place, the focus point set – raise the minimum wage – the progressives will try to convince a shrinking middle-class and ever-growing entitlement-class,  they care about them and those mean old conservatives don’t.

The Raise-the-Wage plan is of course just smoke and mirrors, but it will convince a lot of voters to continue voting Democratic.

Can you prove its smoke and mirrors, you ask?  Yes I can.

The EPI (Economic Policy Institute) published a briefing paper entitled “Raising

The Federal Minimum Wage to $10.10 Would Lift Wages for Millions and

Provide a Modest Economic Boost”

In this paper it is estimated that by July 2016 16,718,000 people which currently make less than $10.10 per hour would directly benefit from the Raise the Wage plan. Sounds great, but wait. We are still dealing with government estimates and it does nothing for those 10.2 million unemployed workers.

That is a substantial increase, a 39% increase in fact! Great for that 11% temporarily, but the downside is that much of an increase would directly affect 100% of the workforce by increases in the price of goods and services, even to those who are unemployed.

A minimum wage increase is totally worthless if you can’t find a job. We don’t need an increase in the minimum wage what we need is an increase in the number of jobs.

How many more people will this push out of the workforce? How many more people will this force out of the middle-class into poverty? The CBO estimates the minimum wage increase will cost 500,000 jobs.

Here is just one example of who will be pushed out. minwage3-600x406

The government, this progressive led government, has already made those projections – projections of coming failure!

Smoke and mirrors – Offset by the declaration that there is a stark difference between the minimum wage and a living wage. There is a difference – a difference between a fact and an ideal.

What exactly is a living wage? And how can you set an exact definition of a ‘living wage?’ You cannot, and that is why progressives are using it. As an example; one might surmise a ‘living wage’ was defined as what would be required by someone to have enough money to meet their needs.

Everyone’s  monetary ‘needs’ are different so their definition of a ‘living wage’ would be different making it a moving target – smoke and mirrors.

How do we combat this? Just like you do against any progressive tactic – you use the facts. Progressives cannot stand facts, and you can tell when they are defeated by them.  For they will quickly try to switch the argument to a subjective one, using terms like ‘fair share,’doing what’s right,’compromise,’ and ‘social justice.

Conservatives need to be ready for this mantra and meet it head on; our mantra needs to continue to be the truth – an increase in the minimum wage is worthless if you don’t have a job and this Administration is incapable of putting Americans back to work.

Make a continual effort to revive the dignity of earning a living mentality and attack the progressive nanny-state.

Never underestimate a Progressives ability to deflect the truth and a gullible public’s willingness to accept a lie. We must act fast and not count on the fact that gullible voters will make the right choice. Remember the rise of Nazism in Germany in the 30’s. Most of those people thought they were making the right choice too.