The IRS Investigation – You’re Doing It Wrong!








President Obama, during a news conference this week, with the Turkish Prime minister in tow, and making reference to the ongoing IRS scandal said:

“I think we’re going to be able to fix it.”

It was an empty statement. Complaints about IRS targeting of Conservative groups have been in the news since 2010 yet Obama’s position has been one of being entirely unaware of the scandal. How are you going to fix it, Mr. President?

Are you going to fix it from here on out, Mr. President, so it doesn’t happen again? Since the damage is done and you’ve won re-election that isn’t good enough.

Are you going to allow a full investigation to find those responsible and hold them accountable even if it involves prosecution? I think it is very unlikely, especially since you denied even knowing about it, Mr. President.

The bravado Obama displayed saying, “I will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency, but particularly the IRS given the power that it has and the reach that it has in all of our lives,” is a joke.

What is the likelihood that members of the Obama Re-election team, the Obama Administration, or President Obama himself knew about this targeting practice? I would suggest it is very likely.

The manner in which this investigation (thus far) is being conducted is nothing short of a dog-and-pony show and being conducted entirely wrong.

The head of the IRS (Steven Miller) was asked to resign, but he was going to leave in June anyway.

And Lois Lerner, the head of the division that examines nonprofit claims, has crawled under a rock.

Attorney General Eric Holder acts as if he doesn’t give a crap or is totally clueless.

Sarah Hall Ingram, the previous head of the dept responsible for tax-exempt organizations between 2009 and 2012 has been rewarded by the Obama Administration for her excellent work and has been moved to be in charge of the newly created IRS Obamacare department.

Her replacement, Joseph Grant, gets the job just in time to be thrown into the street and run over by the Obama bus; then fired.

This is not going to get the results needed. As a manager, when I am faced with a problem involving one of my staff, I don’t go through 2 or 3 supervisors to get the details of the problem, I go right to the person that was directly involved with the problem.

You work from the ground floor up; you don’t start where the ‘buck stops’; you go to where the ‘buck started.’

Every case in which a conservative organization was submitted to this ridiculous scrutiny, has an IRS case number assigned to it and a case worker assigned to it.

Get that case worker or case workers one at the time and let them testify before a congressional hearing under oath. Ask them this question:

“Did you intentionally target certain conservative groups on your own volition or were you instructed to do so by a supervisor?” Point blank!

If they say it was on their own, then that is where the ‘buck stops’ and they must face the consequences.

Since everyone connected with the Obama administration insists this abuse of power was isolated to ‘lower level’ employees, then the investigation should be wrapped up fairly quickly and the violators fired and/or prosecuted.

Given the number of groups targeted since 2010; a number of IRS employees were involved. That adds doubt that these IRS case workers did this targeting on their own.

If the answer to the question “Did you intentionally target certain conservative groups on your own volition or were you instructed to do so by a supervisor?” produces the answer “I was instructed to,’ then the next natural question would be “Who was the person who instructed you to do so?” Point blank!

Next, you subpoena that supervisor and ask them the same question. Climb up the ladder until you get to where the ‘buck started’ no matter how far up the ladder it goes. Then it’s up to the prosecutor to occupy the place where the ‘buck stops.’

Listening in on the hearings today my accusation still stands – You are doing it wrong. They are asking the wrong questions to the wrong people. The report read by J. Russell George — the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

Contains NO NAMES so what’s the point.

Until the individual caseworkers are called to testify, this is a waste of time. Don’t get your hopes up on anyone in the Obama farm house being named in the investigation; remember Current members of his staff owe back taxes.

We must press every member of government until we have every name of every person involved in this; they are allowed to testify under oath in the open, and they are fired and/or prosecuted.

So with the fresh memory of Benghazi, forgive me, Mr. President, if your ‘lack of tolerance’ speech ‘for this abuse of power’ sounds empty.

We must not allow anyone involved in this to just get away with it, keeping their pensions and positions like those involved in Fast & Furious managed to do.

Ultimately we will be the guilty if we allow those who are guilty to walk away again.