The $9.00 Lie

During his weekly address President Obama pushed the boundaries of narcissism and ventured into a fairy tale form of reality. While congratulating himself for his proposed minimum wage increase from $7.25 an hour to $9.00 an hour President Obama made the following claims:

“No one in America should work full-time and raise their children in poverty. So let’s raise the minimum wage so that it’s a wage you can live on.”

Obama used a very inspiring lie to turn the American dream into a false hope.

“No one in America should work full-time and raise their children in poverty.”

Exactly, no one “should” but they do. And they do it every single day. People have raised their children in poverty since the founding of this country. They did it before welfare and before Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” turned the government into a giant nanny state, which today supports millions of free-loaders.

Throughout our history men and women have worked for low wages, done without, and sacrificed to provide for their children. They did this because they believed the American dream, a dream that inspires you to do better so your kids will have better and do better themselves. That is the American dream.

But now Barack Obama (the self-proclaimed liberator of the poor) says “No one in America should work full-time and raise their children in poverty,” so I’m going to fix it for you.

And how is he going to do this? Just as he has done since the beginning of his presidency, by proclamation of course, promise the moon and deliver nothing.

“So let’s raise the minimum wage so that it’s a wage you can live on.”

Well first off the number of people working for minimum wage is miniscule compared to the entire workforce and is usually reserved for those just starting entering the workforce and young people working part time. Secondly, how many people do you know that are living on a $9.00 per hour wage (without any outside help).

Hooray! If we raise the minimum wage to $9.00 an hour people will no longer have to raise their children in poverty. Yep, if I get a $70.00 per week raise, I will be out of poverty and move right into the middle class – well no, you won’t.

Why? Obama just said I could. Let’s do a little math and compare it the government’s definition of poverty.

If you made $9.00 an hour X a 40 hour week, and work 52 weeks (all year without any time off) you will gross $18,720.00.  The federal poverty level for a family of 4 (Obama said “kids” so it is assumed that he’s referring to a family of 4) is $23,550.00- so your $18,720.00 is still below the federal poverty level.

Say Obama’s statement referred to a single parent with 2 kids; the federal poverty level then is $19,530.00, that’s still below the Federal poverty level, making President Obama’s statement a pipe dream, a lie, and a killer of the American dream. That’s how you kill a dream, you promise a reward for hard work and a disciplined lifestyle and when it turns out to be nonexistent, the dream dies. ‘If you help me pass this and get your $9.00 per hour then you will be out of poverty’ proclaims Obama.

I wonder if any of the liberal fact checker websites have figured this out. If they have, they sure aren’t writing about it.

This is a plain mathematical explanation which doesn’t factor in the repercussions from an increase in the minimum wage. Sure those who are lucky enough to get the extra $70.00 per week will enjoy the benefit for a few months. Soon the cost of everything will go up and consume the increase in wages, because every company that has employees making low wages will have to increase their prices to offset in increase in wages.

In fact it may even hurt those trying to enter the job market, for there will be fewer openings at $9.00 than there were at $7.25. There is also the possibility some business will have cut back on hours employees are allowed to work to make up for the increase.

“These steps will help grow our economy and rebuild a rising, thriving middle class” said Obama. But raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $9.00 has little, if anything to do with the middle class as we have already illustrated.


In the end President Obama hasn’t fixed anything, he has simply lied. The truth is he doesn’t care about the poor or the middle class, if he did he wouldn’t lie he would lead. But instead, he is getting $1,000.00 per hour golf lessons while Michelle is skiing in Aspen.