“Pass the damn thing”!

Well said Speaker Boehner. 

Since the Democrats took control of both houses of Congress in Jan 2007, they have been unable to pass a Federal budget as intended, much less on time.

 Each year, the President of the United States submits his budget request to Congress for the following fiscal year as required by the Budget and Accounting Act of 1921. The deadline for submission is the first Monday in February. Since the Democratically controlled House and Senate had the bill since February of 2010, why have they not passed it?

The last Federal Budget that was passed and signed into law on time was the 2007 Federal Budget. The 2008 Federal budget was a fight all the way until Dec 2007. And pork packed by the Democrats forcing the president to oppose certain sections of it.

The 2009 Federal budget, put forth on time by President Bush was intentionally delayed by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi until incoming President Obama took office. It was eventually signed into law in April 2009. It was packed with so much pork by the democrats that the original version was unrecognizable.

Since it was Bush’s budget, he took the blame for the total cost of it even though he never signed the Budget into law.

The 2010 Federal Budget was finally signed into law in December 2009. What is taking so long to get these Budgets passed? The Dems controlled both houses of Congress until Jan of 2011. Part of it is intentional. They were spending money so rapidly they could not accurately keep up with it. But it wasn’t an issue as long as the Dems controlled both houses. Now, the gig is up and they will be called out for this spending by the Republican House.

So what do they do – delay. Dems are offering a ridiculous $4 billion, then $6 billion, in cuts when the Republicans want $61 billion. And Obama calling for immediate action, when what he really wants is for the Republicans to cave and take the paltry $6 billion the Dems are offering.


Don’t do Mr. Boehner! Stick to your guns. If Obama really wants this to get done, then he should present us with what the Senate version Federal Budget is. But he cannot, because they don’t have one. They would like nothing better than to continually refund the current year until the next year rolls around. That way you don’t have to account for any overage.

Mr. Reid show us your plan. Present it to the American people. Don’t tell us what you have, show us! Put up or shut up.

And Mr. Obama maybe you should ‘roll up those sleeves’ and help out ole Harry. With a total lack of Leadership from both the Obama administration and the Dems in the Senate, no wonder Speaker Boehner said “Pass the dam thing”. I feel the same way.