The Liberal Smokescreen And The Fiscal Cliff

 Much has been made of how bad things would be for the economy and the government if sequestration cuts were automatically triggered comes Jan 2nd.

The Democrats have created an impressive smokescreen regarding the negotiations with the Republicans. How so?

President Obama one would what you to think the Liberals are doing all of the compromising, when in fact they are risking virtually nothing.

Since the so-called “super committee” was unable to reach an agreement in 2011 to reduce the deficit by $1.2 Trillion, automatic cuts would go into effect on Jan 2, 2013.

Those automatic cuts would be $1.2 Trillion over a 10 year period.

Smokescreen component #1: The $1.2 Trillion in cuts would not all happen in year 1, but over a 10 year period, which means the cuts in 2013 would amount to $120 Billion or $10 Billion a month.

Forcing cuts of $120 Billion a year would not be the end of essential government services (as the liberal media would have you believe), considering the government spends roughly $3.75 Trillion a year. The truth of the matter- Republicans are ok with the cuts, Liberals are not.

Smokescreen component #2: No one is talking about the cuts to the Defense department (which represents 1/2 of the automatic cuts). These cuts will do more damage, not only to our national security, but to our economy, than the social cuts will. President Obama has been on an all-out assault on our military since his inauguration continually cutting and redirecting DOD monies (by executive order) to social programs. So the fiscal cliff cuts will represent a ‘double-tap’ cut to military funding.

Smokescreen component #3: The president is not serious about negotiations with Republicans because the deck is already stacked in his favor and he knows it. You can accurately gauge a person’s seriousness in negotiations by knowing what they have at risk. President Obama has little if anything at risk. The Obama team has so many excluded so many social programs from sequestration; they have very few social programs that are actually at risk to cuts.

Just to name a few mandatory programs exempt from sequestration;

Social Security, Medicaid, SNAP, any child related programs, SSI, the Earned Income Tax Credit, most anything veteran related, any federal retirement, Pell Grants, Congress-approved, discretionary programs.

A complete list can be found HERE.

So what is at risk for the Liberals besides more cuts to the DOD? Not much! The programs that are on the ‘excluded from sequestration’ are the very programs that should be at the top of the list.

Programs like Medicaid which has an annual price tag of $340 Billion per year or roughly 10% of our Federal budget.

I find it infuriating President Obama is all to willing to cut Medicare (the medical program for retired citizens) but is continually expanding Medicaid (the medical welfare program for all ages).

President Obama has also made sure that certain Departments of the government are excluded almost entirely from sequestration (with the exception of some discretionary tokens) such as the EPA (pg. 120).

In reality, this president doesn’t want any cuts to social programs and wants to maintain the status quo by raising taxes on the top earners (from 200k up). And every taxpayer knows this will filter down to them.  It’s time the smoke is cleared away the American people are told all of the facts about the ‘fiscal cliff.’

No cuts, no tax increases. Period!