Don’t have power? Thank the Union

Of all of the obstacles one would expect to encounter during a national disaster who would ever expect it to be the Union. But it seems that is exactly what has happened when crews of electrical workers from Alabama were told they couldn’t help on November 1st.

Volunteer crews staged in Virginia were presented union paperwork instead of work assignments, forcing the volunteer crews to return to Alabama. So we have volunteers who were solely interested in getting power back to homes of people were unable to complete that task because the IBEW thought the preservation of their union contract was more important than the people of New Jersey.

Of course when the story broke, the IBEW immediately released a statement “It is the policy of this union and the companies we represent to welcome assistance during major natural disasters – regardless of union status.” This CYA statement was released one day too late and a flat out lie.

The statement goes on; “At this stage, it is not clear who is alleged to have turned the crew away and the company that employs the affected workers has denied the claim.”

First of all, it’s not alleged, it’s fact. Workers from Alabama were denied, delayed, and finally returned home because they were presented union paperwork instead of job assignments. Do you seriously think these volunteers traveled hundreds of miles, wasted two days of their time and came home on an “alleged” incident?

A copy of the paperwork they were presented with can be found here

Once again the union leadership has the standing guiding principle “what’s in it for me?”

When the deadly tornado’s struck Tuscaloosa and Birmingham Alabama in 2011, the people of the community went to work to help those in need and get the cities and towns back up and running.

Personally seeing and being a part of the recovery efforts, there were no presentations of union paperwork, only volunteers and city leaders glad for the help. Did union members help in the clean-up and restoration efforts, absolutely!

But don’t think that Union leadership didn’t take the opportunity of this disaster to promote their own interest having set up their little union tent.

They even received congratulations from IBEW leaders in New Jersey.  I don’t recall any union help from New Jersey; maybe a right-to-work state wasn’t worth helping.

How many more people in New Jersey could have had power restored today if the union hadn’t interfered on Thursday?

There are many good men and women in bad unions in this country; maybe it’s time for workers, all workers, to have the right to work in the field of their choice, earn a living to support their families without being forced to join a union.

Maybe it’s time for union members to vote for whom they choose instead of being coerced to vote Democratic.

Maybe it’s time for union members to be able to decide where their union dues go instead of being automatically funneled into liberal coffers.

Wouldn’t that be the fair thing to do?



2 thoughts on “Don’t have power? Thank the Union

  1. Have a weekend? A 40 hour work week? Employer provided health care? Are you in the middle class? Send your 11 year old to school instead of work?

    The work of unions and the labor movement built the American Middle class, ended child labor and made it possible, under FMLA, to take time off to care for your sick child without repercussion.

    While unemployment tends to be slightly less in right to work states wages tend to be lower, less employers offer health care and poverty tends to be more prevalent.

    The Long Boom coincided with the rise and the heyday of unions, wages grew creating a middle class with greater purchasing power, which created economic growth. As the unions began to get broken in the 80s (as much the responsibility of boomer Dems gaining national office as the GOP) real wages began to flatten and decline.

    So yessiree! lets bust the unions, everyone knows that creating more low wage subsistence jobs is the key to a healthy economy.

    1. @ ULF Matter

      If you researched the history of unions in the U.S. you would discover they had nothing at all to do with 40 hour work weeks or child labor laws.

      While unions had their good points and place in history, they have now become the greedy entities that are destroying the middle class. The results of this can be seen in any major city where the unions destruction of the area industries left shells of neighborhoods with empty and decaying housing. Cities like Detroit, Birmingham, and dozens of others.

      It’s obvious that you are a union member, so let me ask you this? Do feel good about the fact that someone else tells you when and where you can work? And how is this better that an owner telling you the same?

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