Cudos to Gov. Scott Walker

Way to go Governor Walker!

It was very refreshing to watch the morning news today and see that Governor Scott Walker and the Republican Legislators did what they were elected to do – get the State Budget under control.

Good job!

While the Democratic cowards who left the state are crying fowl, the legislators who stayed, faced the protestors and did their job.


If any of you Civil Union members, think you are getting a bad deal – then quit your job. I’m sure there are plenty of other people who would love to take your place. But before you do, you may want to look around at what the private sector market is offering, and I think you will find you have it pretty good where you are.

Makes me almost want to move to Wisconsin! 

Now, how about getting the names of those doctors who were handing out fake doctor’s excuses, and charge them with fraud! And any protestors who don’t live in Wisconsin need to be booted out of the Wisconsin Capitol building. Let them protest outside or better yet, protest in their own State Capitol building.

It’s a great day for Wisconsin!