Just what is A Green Energy Job Anyway?

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who is not familiar with the term “Green Energy.” But this is where the familiarity seems to end. If you asked people you socialize or work with what green energy was the replies would be fairly accurate. 

To put it bluntly green energy is energy that is sustainable and/or renewable. Wiki has expanded the definition to two-fold as well; 

Now that we have arrived at a definition; it stands to reason producing green energy or sustaining energy requires green energy jobs.

Unfortunately our government has expanded the definition to include so many jobs green energy has become its own sector. And that is where it really becomes fuzzy; the government definition of a green energy sector job has included jobs that we (in the real world) would never consider to have anything at all to do with green energy in the strictest sense.

 An entire study (which the Brookings Institute compiled in 2010 and we will look at in depth at a later date) is available online, but some of the more ridiculous jobs classified as green energy jobs, were laid out recently by Representative Darrell Issa in this inquiry.


So just what is a Green Energy Job?