Debbie Wasserman Schultz Loose Again

Debbie Wasserman Schultz went on the attack again today, much like an unruly dog who has escaped from her pen, barking accusations of half-truths. 

This time the target was Mitt Romney. In this mornings appearance on Fox News she went on the attack, trying to draw a parallel between Mitt Romney’s unethical accomplishments and the mythical accomplishments of Barack Obama.

 She stated “Mitt Romney went to Harvard, Like Obama. But while Mitt chose to make money with his education, Barack Obama became a community organizer to fight for the middle class.”

 What a load of @#^&$. Implying that community organizer Obama was fighting for the middle class has no basis in fact.

 What exactly was does a community organizer do?

Here is a very insightful article that not only gives a description of a community organizer, but it details Obama’saccomplishments‘ as a community organizer; which I can sum up in a few words; not a damn thing constructive.

Obama’s ‘fighting for the middle class’ is a myth; since elected, he has, and continues to drive a wedge into the middle class, transforming the middle class  into the lower class.

The results of Obama’s assault on the middle class is evidenced by high unemployment, lower pay for existing employment, and increases in the cost of living that have completely consumed any increase in wages (compare personal earnings to the annualCPI). Not to mention the highest number of Americans on food stamps, ever.

In an effort to avoid having to defend Obama’s failure as a president she can only attack. Ms. Schultz thinks that talking louder and faster than anyone else engaged in a conversation with her makes her right.





And what was President Obama doing while his attack dog was on the loose?

After killing a job creating pipeline project with our Canadian neighbors (a decision Robert Samuelson from the Washington Post called “an act of insanity”), he attended a $38,500 per plate fund-raiser hosted by Spike Lee and a $15,000 per ticket event known as “Lawyers for Obama.” 

What could possibly illustrate ‘his fight for the middle class’ better than these events? Exactly how many middle class people were at these events?

Maybe one day Debbie Wasserman Schultz can tell us about her accomplishments as a Representative, but I doubt it since they don’t exist!