The executive-order-in-chief struck again last week by his latest executive order (Promoting Efficient Spending) to cut government spending and waste.

Which comes in the wake of the last meaningless executive order:  Reducing Prescription Drug Shortages as if he can suddenly shelve miles of government red-tape that created this shortage to begin with, and force drug companies to build new plants and rush new product to market.

How disingenuous this whole executive order sounds:

Coming from a president – who has spent more money, faster, than any president in recent history, and has increased the federal deficit by $4 trillion in 2 ½ years.

Coming from a president – who has grown government more than any president in recent history by adding endless committees, advisory panels, and 33 czars and their staffs(Oddly enough, that’s the one thing Obama’s executive orders do; create more committees and advisory panels).

Coming from a president – Sighting areas to cut such as travel expenses when his wife and her posse took trips to Spain and South Africa on the taxpayers dime, and he himself has traveled extensively campaigning for re-election this past year and is now in Hawaii.

My two favorite parts of this executive order are:

“As such, I have pursued an aggressive agenda for reducing administrative costs since taking office and, most recently, within my Fiscal Year 2012 Budget.”


“Each agency shall establish a plan for reducing the combined costs associated with the activities covered by sections 3 through 7 of this order, as well as activities included in the Administrative Efficiency Initiative in the Fiscal Year 2012 Budget,”

Why is it my favorite? Because the 2012 Federal Budget doesn’t exist! The 2012 budget president Obama proposed was so ridiculous Harry Reid wouldn’t even vote for it (See the Audacity of Budgets) therefore it was never passed. This administration has been operating on ‘continuing resolution’ since 2009 (which is another reason government spending is out of control).

But President Obama wants you to think he is doing something by passing yet another executive order and declaring –

“We’re cutting what we don’t need so that we can invest in what we do need.”

Which really means – we aren’t cutting, we are redistributing the funds.

Making cuts in government spending without cutting personnel is little more than a noble gesture. To those who do not understand how government works. Every dept in the government is issued an annual budget and they will spend the entirety of that budget every year.  If they don’t then that budget will be reduced the next budgetary year to what they actually spent. If they cut corners and save a few bucks they will spend it on something else. There is no incentive for them to make cuts.

You want to cut government spending? Then cut government jobs and put time limits on government assistance programs. But that will never happen by executive order by any president, especially this one.

And leave it to Obama – we can’t just have executive orders, we have to turn the whole process into a campaign slogan “We can’t wait,” much like the medical profession today has turned every ailment into a syndrome.


The latest slogan from the Obama administration; “We Can’t Wait on Congress: The Time to Act is Now,” implies that democracy is hopelessly deadlocked, and President Obama is our only hope. And his method of salvation is by decree.

This president continues to push the envelope of executive authority. And he is able to do so because the leader of the democratically controlled senate (Harry Reid) has chosen to turn his back and allow this president to do what ever he wants. 

We don’t need a president who continually sidesteps the legislative process to get what he wants. The legislative process was created for a reason. Of those reasons, in fact the paramount reason was to allow the people to have a voice in governing the country and that representation by elected representatives. 

The components of this new “We can’t wait” campaign thus far are:

For Congress To Act (American Jobs Bill).

To Help Our Veterans Find Jobs.

To Help Homeowners Lower Mortgage Costs.

To Help Make CollegeMore Affordable.

They go hand in hand with these recent Executive Orders.

I take issue with the president on this stance and say – We can wait! And we don’t need you to determine if we can or can’t. We can wait on the Congress to do their jobs; we can’t wait on Harry Reid!  We can’t wait for him to stop sitting on his hands and present the legislative bills to the proper committees or the floor of the Senate for a vote. The bills that have already been sent to them from The House of Representatives that have been ignored! And there are many of them.

What we don’t need is a President who thinks he can continually circumvent the Congress and continue to spend this country into oblivion with his executive orders like a dictator.