Premature Intervention

The Obama Administration, wanting desperately to give away more government funds (a.k.a stimulus) found itself unable to because of the looming Debt Ceiling showdown. Undeterred by the inability to spend any more money, Obama in an effort to rescue us from high gas prices, released oil from the strategic oil reserves. This act of desperation […]

Meanwhile At Government Motors

  Have you ever read the transcript of an interview or an article then thought; that doesn’t sound right? The more you thought about it, the more it angered you? That was how I felt after reading the transcript from the Annual GM stock holders meeting. It was Dan Akerson’s first address to the stockholders […]

The May Job Numbers

      First the good news: We have been spared the usual 3 or 4 a day television appearances on every left-leaning news channel by President Obama reminding us of his narcissistic stardom. This behavior is typical for Obama when the news does not provide an opportunity for him to be the star of […]