Conservative Crybabies

A trait which has plagued the Conservative community for decades surfaced again when Ted Cruz ended his bid to be the Republican presidential nominee.

Conservatives are crybabies. It’s a terrible trait,and it’s a fact. crybaby2

My candidate didn’t win so I’m not voting. Reminiscent of adolescent behavior- ‘you’re not doing it my way so I’m not playing anymore.’

Donald Trump was not my first choice to be the Republican nominee for president, nor was he my second choice. But Trump is the duly elected Republican nominee for president, so he is getting my vote.

Ted Cruz’s stated Conservative values closely aligned with my own; limited government, immigration, faith, family, and country just to name a few. Cruz, as many conservatives realize, our country is rapidly sinking into a debt ridden, morally bankrupt society, far from what our founders intended. And that moral decay is accelerating.

But I’m a realist- Ted Cruz was not going to beat Hillary Clinton. That may hurt your feelings, but it doesn’t change the fact. All one needs to do is look at the voter turnout. Millions turned out to vote for Trump, tens of thousands turned out for Trump rallies, the same cannot be said for Cruz.

Just because your candidate didn’t win, doesn’t make Trump the enemy. The enemy is Liberalism embodied in Barrack Obama and now Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton’s defeat should be the objective of every Republican, every Conservative.

Is Trump a Conservative? Not by the standards most Conservatives identify, but Trump is our only chance to defeat Hillary. Our only chance to reign in an out of control government.

Proof of the cry-baby conservatives is evident everywhere. The Never-Trump movement and various other Super Pac’s created to defeat Donald Trump.  All of which give Hillary a better chance of victory.

A spokesman for the Never-Trump movement stated “we are not going to vote for or support Trump, but will focus on Congressional races to build a firewall to stop Hillary.”

This is a loser’s position. Let’s review how will this strategy has worked out thus far: while Obama and the Democrats first step in ‘transforming America’ was Obamacare. Not one single Republican voted for it.  It was against their ‘principles.’ So what, they did absolutely nothing to stop it.

Their excuse – “we don’t have any control in Congress – decrying if you give us control of the House of Representatives we can stop Obama and his Liberal agenda.”

In 2010 that happened. The Tea Party was born. Record numbers of Republicans turned out to vote. Now the Republicans controlled the House.

What happened? Nothing. Same result. They didn’t do a damn thing to stop Obama. The house controls the purse of the government- they could have defunded Obamacare – but didn’t. They were concerned about how the voters would ‘feel’ about their actions- forgetting the fact that is exactly what they were elected to do!

John Boehner and the rest of the gutless GOP representatives then said they couldn’t do anything, ‘but if they had control of the Senate then they could stop Obama.’


In 2012 that happened. Now the GOP held the majority in Both Houses of Congress. The question is what have they done to stop Obama? Not a damn thing. Obama continues to destroy America and the GOP has passed a budget to enable him to continue his mission.

You see the vanity of the strategy from the Never-Trump camp? Focusing on local and congressional races, the so called firewall construction, is a plan embraced by losers, and is the definition of insanity.

Hillary and Liberalism are the enemy.

Another stance among cry-baby Conservatives is not sacrificing their principles and vote for Trump. I get that, but consider this; conservatism is not a party it’s an ideology, and I intend to vote for the candidate who gives conservatives the best chance to preserve those principles, and it’s not Hillary Clinton. This is a two party race Republican and Democrat. No matter who I vote for or don’t vote for, I’m still a Conservative.

I’m still for limited government, I still believe we are a nation of laws, and those laws should be rigidly enforced, without exemption. Any appointed or elected official who fails to uphold and enforce those laws should be removed from office.

No matter who is elected, I will still be a conservative, and I will live my life accordingly. But to stop the Liberal agenda I will vote, and I will vote for Trump and against Hillary.

Let’s look back at history and see the result of non-voting conservative crybabies:

When Barry Goldwater ran against Lyndon Johnson, conservatives decided Goldwater wasn’t conservative enough and stayed home, when in reality Goldwater was every bit as conservative as Ted Cruz. Johnson was easily elected, extended the war in Vietnam, costing 58,000 American lives, and wounded times 4, all so Johnson could build helicopters in Texas.

LBJ passed the largest single welfare plan in our history “The Great Society,” which has grown in size and cost over the last 50 years. And every politician who followed dared not be the bad guy and cut welfare, fearing voters would think he didn’t care about the poor.

LBJ allowed lawlessness to accelerate at home, there were riots in the streets, on college campuses, and the law went unenforced. Conditions created under LBJ were so bad he refused to seek re-election, realizing he couldn’t stop the destruction he had set in motion.

But LBJ and the Liberal party created a winning strategy which the GOP even today is too stupid to recognize. LBJ said when passing the great society legislation, “I will have those niggers voting democratic for the next 50 years.” And he was right. But prophetically, he wasn’t just talking about blacks, he was talking about every future welfare recipient.

Give them a check and we will keep their vote.

Fast forward to 2008. While Hillary was being trounced by a young black candidate Obama, what did the wise Republicans do, they nominated John McCain, a moderate do nothing whose talk was louder than his game.

Let’s face it if John McCain had not been a Vietnam POW he wouldn’t have even been a Senator. I don’t have anything personally against John McCain, but he is not even close to being a conservative.

Because republicans failed to account for demographics and conditions on the street, the race between Obama and McCain was a forgone conclusion.

Where were all those republican voters? Where were all of those conservative cry-babies? They were at home, and for the next 4 years would bitch about government while satisfying their own narcissism by claiming, ‘it’s not my fault, I didn’t vote for him.’ But it is your fault, you didn’t vote.

Continuing the failing ways of the republicans in 2012, with the White House ripe for the taking because of the disaster Obama created home and abroad, who did the party nominate? A milk-toast nice guy in Mitt Romney, who wouldn’t even fight back during the presidential debates even when Obama was lying and everyone knew it.

But Conservatives don’t fight for what’s right- they pout. When liberals punch you in the face, you punch back. Which is exactly what Trump does and Conservatives won’t do.

Trump is doing what Republicans have been afraid to do Since Regan – taking on the Liberal agenda. Warning of the dangers of big government.

The Liberal party doesn’t compromise. They might imply they do, but they don’t. They attack, and attack until they get their way, yet the Republicans are known as the Party of ‘no.’ Conservative cry-babies don’t fight, they cower, as if it’s some kind of noble action. Meanwhile Liberalism advances.

As a result of the missed opportunity in 2012 we have the most liberal Supreme Court ever, a gutless republican controlled congress, a train wreck of an economy, a foreign policy disaster of epic proportions and 20 trillion in debt. All taking place while conservative crybabies sit at home and bitch, thinking somehow if they focus on local and congressional elections things will get better.

How many times do you have to lose before you realize you are doing it wrong? The so-called conservatives who were elected in 2010 and 2012 have not accomplished one thing they were elected to do. Boy those ‘principles’ really paid off didn’t they? Or did you forget mr conservative John Boehner resigned a complete failure?

Never-Trumpers are de-facto Hillary supporters, so while you sit at home and refuse to vote for trump because of your ‘principles,’ you are supporting Hillary Clinton.

There won’t be a next time folks. If Hillary is elected, this is some of what will happen:

  1. The Democrats will control the white house for the next 12 years
  2. The Supreme Court will become solidly liberal, which means your conservative principles will be all but destroyed in any court of the land.
  3. The Republicans will lose control of one of the Congressional houses
  4. The National debt will continue to escalate.
  5. Government will grow so large, with so much of the population relying on them for support, the populace will have no choice except to continue to vote for anyone who promises not to cut their benefits.

Meaning your grandchildren will be slaves to the government.

All you conservative crybabies better vote for Trump. He is the only chance we have to stop this disaster. If you fail to vote for Trump, because he’s not your choice as the Republican nominee you are in fact voting for Hillary.

When you grandchildren are slaves to the government, be sure and tell them how your principles made it all possible.

The 800k a month follow up

When the jobs report was issued on Oct 7th I cruised on over to the hashtag #jobsreport to check out the tweets for kicks. I was not disappointed, the clueless were out in full force.

There were the typical Liberal parrots touting how great the 153,000 jobs created was and how Obama saved America by creating 15 million jobs since he has been in office. All of which is nonsense.

I had my choice of dozens of fictitious tweets to reply too, but I decided to dive in the midst of the heard with my own tweet.

My opening tweet “Lib’s touting #jobsreport as a good thing expose their lack of education in basic math.” didn’t take long to get a response.

The first “@JimStables I know that republicans were losing 800000 per month when they were in white house, that’s basic math idiot.”

Hmmm, I’m being called an idiot… someone whose tweet proves what they believe is wrong.

My reply was “You just proved my point – there was only 1 month were 800k were lost & that was in 2008. Research is a good thing.”

I’ll have to admit, I was posting on the fly and meant to post 2009 instead of 2008, and corrected my tweet. Hey, I allowed mistakes, after all I’ve been labeled an idiot.

Next came “I know that republicans were losing 800k a month when they were in the white house.”

Wrong! Republicans weren’t in the White House when the monthly job losses reached 800k, and the only month where job losses reached 800k was in March 2009.

I was so nauseous every time I heard the talking-point ‘we were losing 800k jobs a month’ I wrote about the deception of it earlier this year .

The tweeter in question, realizing they lost the argument, or realizing what they believed was a lie, tweeted “You know Trump lost the election last night.”

What does that have to do with our conversation? How did we go from the jobs report to Trump?

The retort was typical of people who blindly follow others without conducting their own fact-checks; quickly change the subject.

Another common retort from Liberal sheep, when confronted with facts was quickly thrown at me when I miss-placed a period in my reply. The ole liberal logic

Which wasn’t worth a follow up.

The final one was the ongoing myth of Obama and the Lib’s creating 15 million jobs.

If you add together all the monthly totals from Jan 2009 to August 2016, the total would come to about 15 Million.

However, if you look at the difference between the number of employed in and 2009 to August of 2016 there is only an increase of 10.5 million in raw data.

If you really want to anger a Liberal – use this same method of calculation, and you could argue Bush created 7.5 Mil new jobs in his 8 years! Just be prepared for their heads to explode.

The labor force (people able to work) has increased by 5.7 Mil that brings the “new job” totals to a net of 4.8 Mil new jobs (18% of which are part time).

The numbers have been massaged by the slight-of-hand whereby ‘full time‘ employment has magically changed from 40 hours a week to 35 hours a week (unless you consult the ACA which considers anything over 30 hours a week ‘full-time‘).

The end result is the new jobs created are not the result of Obama magic, they are simply the natural ebb and flow of the job market, and would have occurred on their own, by the wonderful dynamic free enterprise creates.

The ebb and flow of employment can be twisted to fit whatever talking point you wish, but in the long run, the ups and downs have had similar cycles since the data been to collected.

The poorly publicized fact is incomes have been reduced to the same levels they were on the 70’s and will continue to decline as long as government deficits increase. Too bad the cost of living hasn’t reduced to 70’s levels.

I am more concerned about the blind following of Liberal doctrine more than I am about the numbers they parrot. You would think it would be more difficult to deceive people into blind, tribal loyalty now-a-days with the wealth of available data at the click of a mouse on the Internet, but such is not the case.

I follow facts, and the facts of my tweet exchanges with these 3 Liberals prove I am right, and they are either blindly following their party. They are dangerously wrong.

Don’t be a sheep and be led to the slaughter because of a lie, do your own fact checking, and adjust accordingly. Then come back and argue, prove me wrong!



Guccifer 2.0: More hacked DNC documents revealed at cyber conference — RT America

Another round of hacked Democratic National Committee documents have been released. Provided by an anonymous representative of a hacker, Guccifer, the 500 megabytes detail the DNC’s information technology infrastructure and internal reports on donors.

Source: Guccifer 2.0: More hacked DNC documents revealed at cyber conference — RT America

How To Steal An Election

“Of course the election will not be rigged, what does that even mean?” The minute President Obama uttered those words, I already knew answer, and he knew full well what it meant, for he was involved in it twice.

How do you rig / steal an election?

It’s easier than you think:

First you obtain a voter registration list. You can obtain them for any State; they are a matter of public record. Just do an Internet search: how to get voter registration lists.

Next you get an organization to work the voter registration list. These ‘volunteers’ (paid workers) canvas their assigned areas. The canvassers determine who is an active voter, and who hasn’t voted for some time. Then you make sure these people vote.

Do they drive them to the polls? Only a few times for photo-op purposes, the rest of the time they vote the way the campaign worker wants them too. If the voter supports their candidate, the campaign worker gladly helps them fill out the absentee ballot and take it to the ballot box for them. Nothing wrong with that then it gets a little dishonest.

If the voter is not going to vote, then the campaign worker votes for them, using their name and casting their vote by proxy (unbeknown st to the voter).

If the ‘not-recently-active‘ voters are deceased, or moved, but their name is still on the list, then you send in an absentee ballot in their behalf, voting for their candidate of course.

Is absentee ballot voting a big deal? Absolutely, in California absentee voting counts for as much as 13% of the total. The longer the window for absentee, or early voting is, the greater the chance to rig the outcome.

California Primary Slowed By Vote-By Mail, Absentee Ballot Count

Do an Internet search with terms: absentee voting Nov 2008

You will even see where Obama’s Grandmother, who was deceased by the time the election took place, had her ballot counted.

Then there were many instances where military personnel had their ballots effectively delayed in 2008 in which it cannot be argued most of those votes would have gone for McCain.

So where does one find such an organization? Luckily, Obama and the Progressives had one already in operation. ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now).

Since Obama was himself a community organizer, it was a perfect fit, in more ways than one.

Not only was ACORN a tax free org. They also received funding from the government.

$53 Mil since 1994 until their demise in 2010.

Let me be clear- Obama didn’t organize the rigged election in 2008, he wasn’t that smart or wealthy enough to pull it off, Obama was just the ‘front man,’ but his backers were. Who were the Obama backers? The Kennedy family, Teddy Kennedy to be precise, and of course George Soros, were the Progressive Obama backers.

After the 2008 election was over, ACORN was thrown on the Progressive scrap heap, filing for bankruptcy in Nov 2010. That’s the Progressive way; they use you, and then throw you away like you would so much trash.

Secondly, simply have people vote more than once in person. Easy to do with inaccurate voter registration lists and no photo ID required, simply have ‘volunteers’ to vote in more than on precinct. It happened in 2008 and again in 2012.

Here is just one example (of perhaps thousands or tens of thousands of times) it happened.

Cincinnati poll worker indicted for voting for Obama six times

In fact voter fraud proved to be rampant in so many states; the states were forced to institute Voter ID legislation to curb the practice.

2012 Would prove more difficult with the dismantling of ACORN and public suspicion on the rise. The paid workers would still continue to work the absentee and mail in ballots, but the race was a little tighter this time and the loss of the Kennedy backing was difficult to overcome. They needed help.

The Progressives would turn to their two closest allies (other than government employees) the Unions and the media. They would score a major success against then candidate Mitt Romney with the article Published by the fledgling media outlet Mother Jones.

As you may recall Mother Jones broke the story of Romney’s comments about the 47% (which was true but carefully edited); the undercover video was submitted by a part time waiter/bartender who just couldn’t stand by and let Romney get away with this. His name is Scott Prouty, he was a plant, and would be well taken care of if he did his job and kept his mouth shut until after the election.

He did what he was told, waiting until March of 2013 before going public with the b.s. story. What did he get for his work? Besides a nice check, he lands a cushy job with the United Steel workers Union.

Still think he just happened to be at the Romney fund raiser? That Mr. Obama, is “what that means,” to rig an election and how it’s done.

The outcome of the 2012 Election is history, but the progressives are already hard at work to steal the 2016 election, and payback Hillary for her part in the 2012 election. I’m referring to the Benghazi cover-up. The deal with Hillary was struck for 2016, and an otherwise disaster avoided.

In 2016, the Progressives already have an ACORN replacement, Color Of Change , the organization founded by Obama’s friend and partner in corruption, Van Jones. Van Jones’s first job was to set up shop in potential swing states like North Carolina.

The ties between Color of Change, George Soros, the SEIU (Services Employees International Union) are well documented, even though the main-stream Liberal controlled media will never expose these ties or give them the investigation they deserve.

It would be interesting to know how much Federal funding Color Of Change is receiving. But those financial details will not be available for public scrutiny until after the 2016 election is concluded.

What with many states having recently passed voter ID laws and federal scrutiny on mail-i-ballots, an organization like Color of Change wouldn’t be enough to secure victory, even with the already-in-the-tank for Hillary media. So what to do?

First, bring pressure to bear on the academia community (payback for the Obama 2009 stimulus bill which kept the teacher union retirement systems from bankruptcy). And they caved in like the good little progressives they are.

Here is just a couple of links to confirm the cave in or payback, take your pick.


ColorOfChange’s Rashad Robinson to Deliver 2015 Commencement Address to St. Mary’s College Graduates


Need more: type this into Google – color of change supported by colleges – and see for yourself.

Sad isn’t it, the academic community, supposedly the smartest people, have become little more than tools, tools used to steal an election.

Just for good measure, let’s pressure the right judges in the right places to stop the voter ID laws so Color of Change and similar organizations can get back to work.

They succeeded in North Carolina. The 4th U.S. Circuit Court struck down the Voter ID legislation just in time for November. Who were those judges?

“Judge Diana Motz, a Bill Clinton appointee, Judge JamesWynn Jr., a Barack Obama appointee, and Judge Henry Floyd, an Obama appointee.”

In Texas, the same scenario: Voter ID legislation struck down just in time for November, struck down by another Obama appointee, U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos.

Notice how these selected states are either swing-states or have a large delegate count? You think this is coincidence?

Look for more of the same type of timely actions in other swing states like Pennsylvania and Florida.

Ohio already under assault.

That is what stealing an election means and how it is done.

The deck is stacked in the favor of Hillary Clinton, and we may only have one more chance to end this type of vote rigging. 2016.

You must get out and vote against Hillary Clinton.

We are approaching the tipping point; where there will be more government employees and people on government welfare of one form or another, than those who work for a living and aren’t monetary slaves to the government. If we past that point, vote rigging will be a thing of the past, having been replaced by a foregone conclusion.

Then the dream of Progressives will become a reality: the middle class will be gone, leaving only two classes; the ruling class and the slaves to the government



The Farce of the DNC Hack

Information Security
Information Security

Recently I wrote an article on Hillary’s email blunder, highlighting the folly of her defense of her miss-management of her email accounts, personal and business, exposing those accounts to potential hacks. I would like to talk about email folly again; this time involving the “hack” of the DNC (Democratic National Convention).

Yes, and once again the hack of the DNC was gained through a poorly secured email account. The comical part of the DNC hack was not the hack itself, for I’m not a fan of any illegal hack, but the quick-to-blame-the-Russians for the hack.

Why would the “Russians” hack the DNC? What would be the point? If you listened to Liberal media outlets like CNN & MSNBC they would like you to think it’s because the Russians want Trump to win the election.

That’s funny, because I’m sure the Russians would prefer for Hillary to win rather than Trump. With Trump winning the presidency Putin would be forced to deal with a person who says what he means and does what he says, whereas with Hillary they know exactly what they are getting; 4 more years of another weak president they can push around.

The Hillary supporters would have you believe Putin is scarred of Hillary, what with the toy ‘reset button’ she reset buttonpresented to Putin while Secretary of State. Sadly her and ‘reset button’ turned out to be a green light to Russia extending their influence in the Middle East and Central Ukraine.

Back to the point: the claim the Russians hacked the DNC was a farce, and they knew it. Here’s why.

Without venturing to far back in history, let’s just do a 60 second recap of hacking, sticking to computer hacking, not its predecessor phreaking. Going back to the 80’s, anyone remember the movie Wargames?

The story is about a teen while trying to access a video game company to play the games they are about to release, but winds up hacking into a U.S. nuclear missile defense system almost causing WWIII.

Wargames the movie, a hacker cult classic, had a thread of truth running through it, as it gives an insight into types of hackers.

Hackers can be divided into a few basic groups:

  1. Hackers wanting to access information that is private, playing online games for free and such, accessing personal info for no other reason than personal entertainment by embarrassing the hackee. This type of hack could be mischief, like hacking into company data bases just to prove they could.
  2. Then there are those having a more malicious intent, creating viruses, worms, and other forms of malware, that infects personal pc’s turning them into bots, spewing the virus to other machines via email contact lists, or infected links, turning unsuspecting pc’s into remote slaves, capturing key strokes and accessing built in cameras.
  3. Hackers who are in it for the money. Identity theft, ransomware (where your files are encrypted and you can get the unlock key if you pay the hacker for it), or hacks of banks involving large sums of money.
  4. Then there is espionage. Hacks involving governments spying on each other. This is the most serious type of hacking. This type of hacking has National security implications, even matters of life and death.

If we consider the groups we’ve just mentioned, which on do you think is the most likely? We can safely rule out group 4, for there are no National Security interests in the DNC database (of there shouldn’t be). So the Russian government wouldn’t risk exposure on this type of hack.

With every hack there are footprints, clues as to the perpetrator, all governments are aware of this, so, the reward must be worth the risk.

That leaves 3 possible groups. With the absence of any reports of monetary theft, group 3 could be eliminated. That leaves 2 groups; groups 1 and 2. Could the supposed DNC cause publicity problems? Yes. Could these problems become serious? Yes, especially with the presidential election looming.

As it turned out a hacker going by the name Guccifer 2.0 hacked the DNC email account and turned the documents over to Wikileaks

It also turns out the hacked documents from the DNC were extremely embarrassing. Embarrassing enough to causewikileaks-and-dnc Debbie Wasserman Schultz to change jobs from DNC chair to Hillary Campaign manager.

Accusing the Russian Government of the hack was a farce. While Liberals may have believed it, Putin is no doubt still laughing, as well as everyone in the I.T. community.

Thoughts on Hillary’s e-mail Blunder

Working in IT for a living I am all-too-aware of how problematic security can be when it comes to email.

Corporations spend Millions on security to guard against intrusions, but this security has an Achilles heel, email.

Most corporate hacks are the result of compromised email addresses of employees who have high or admin access to sensitive material.

Even if the email hacks are successful on an employee who doesn’t have access to sensitive information, the hacker still has access to the email account itself.

With this access, the hacker can read, write, create, and delete emails in the account. The emails themselves may contain material that is secret or sensitive in content.

Those secretes may be personal, professional, or legal in nature, of they may contain trade secrets, information about upcoming events or even customer contact information.

So even though companies spend Millions annually to protect sensitive information, IT people know security is at the mercy of the individual user.iStock_000017775671XSmall

So when I heard that the secretary of state was running her own private email server outside of government supervision, outside of government run security protocols, I couldn’t believe it. What a careless thing to do.

Yes, many of us have private and corporate email addresses, I have a couple of each, but I use my business email address for business and private email for personal communication. I don’t mix the 2. Using my business email for personal matters is a no-no and most large companies forbid it.

The danger of mixing the two is there are invariably cross links. For example; say I use my business email to contact a friend on a personal matter, it could be anything, maybe an upcoming sporting event I’d like to watch, sharing a joke, or just plain B.S. If my friends email account gets hacked or already has been hacked, then the hacker has my business email address, exposing it to possible attacks.

Suppose my friends email account is hacked; I get an email from the same friend (except the hacker sends it unbeknownst to me), it contains a note or picture, and because I recognize the sender I open it. Unfortunately the email contains malware and now I’m compromised.

If on a small scale, knowing what a risk this represents, imagine the enormous risk posed by a Secretary of State whose is careless with her email account. It may never be known how much information is in the hands of the wrong people.

I further find it incredible that no one in the government put a stop to the practice after day one. It’s not like they didn’t know – or are completely brain dead. When you receive an email from someone the email address is evident. I.E. So you recognize Steve and the email account he is associated with.

You would think the alarm bells would go off when someone in the State Department or any government department received an email from!

Even if they didn’t pay attention to the senders address, any replies they sent would be obvious it was not a government server they were sending it to.

workamajig-security-failBut the use of the private email account was allowed to continue. Everyone who sent to or received from knew this was against the rules. It was a careless risk, with national security implications, and no one cared.

How could such a blunder be allowed at the highest levels of our government?

The defense presented by Hillary was so lame it was laughable.

“The emails weren’t flagged top secret when I received them.” What?

So your defense is because they didn’t have a red flag in the subject line that said top secret, it relieves you of any responsibility?

You mean you couldn’t determine from the content, who it was from, or both, the information was top secret? So you defend incompetence with ignorance? Really? That’s your defense? And you are Secretary of State?

If I send a letter to my attorney, it is de facto subject to attorney client privilege, so wouldn’t it be safe to assume if you as Secretary of State received an email from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff or an Ambassador from another country that it would be at least secret, if not top secret? Of course you would.

You and I send and receive private emails all the time that contain content that is not for public consumption, and we have enough sense to use discretion on what we can share and with whom, the contents of the email. Evidently Hillary Clinton doesn’t possess even that basic of discretion.

Defending incompetence with ignorance is an unbelievable excuse. Especially when National Security issues, or the lives of men and women serving to protect us are potentially put at risk.

We are not talking about a teenager on their first job being careless with an email account we are talking about the Secretary of State, who was previously a Senator, and before that First Lady of the U.S.

The emails exposed were even more damning to their defense. One email set revealed Hillary Clinton told her daughter Chelsea the attack on the Benghazi consulate was a terrorist attack while she told the American people the attacks were due to a YouTube Video.

Incompetence defended by ignorance, defended by deception becomes laughable when you expect others to believe it.

“Ignorance of the law excuses no man.” Unless you’re Hillary Clinton.


What is H.R.2431 and why you should care



H.R. 2431 otherwise known as International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 and was passed into law in Oct 9th 1998

The basis of the bill:

(1) The right to freedom of religion undergirds the very origin and existence of the United States.

(2) Freedom of religious belief and practice is a universal human right and fundamental freedom

(3) Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes that “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion. “

(7) Congress has recognized and denounced acts of religious persecution through the adoption of the following resolutions:

The bill declares it to be U.S. policy to:

(1) condemn violations of religious freedom, and to promote, and to assist other governments in the promotion of, the fundamental right to freedom of religion; and

(2) seek to channel U.S. security and development assistance to governments that are found not to be engaged in gross violations of the right to freedom of religion.

Freedom of Religion is one of the cornerstones of our founding principles and a right we recognize as inalienable.

As Americans, we believe, because it is inalienable, freedom of religion is not limited to our way of life, but is the inherent right of all peoples of all nations and of all faiths.

Because of our leadership role in the world, it is our obligation to make sure, whenever and wherever possible that peoples of all nations are given the opportunity to engage in this most basic of rights.

We cannot hope to dictate to other countries what religions or faiths they are to adhere to or even consider as the one-true-faith, but what we can realistically expect is for the leadership of those countries to allow their citizenry the right to choose which faith to follow and/or religion to practice, without fear of persecution.

Now the question arises; why is this law not being enforced, its conditions exercised, or even being discussed?

In light of the growing persecution of peoples of any faith but Islam in the Middle East, this bill should be included in all conversations involving U.S. Middle Eastern policy.

We have all witnessed the brutal slaughter of Christians at the hands of ISIS, but are christian-isis-persecutionyou also aware those countries our government considers allies do not allow the practice of any faith but Islam.

In most Middle Eastern countries any faith but Islam is against the law. Even our ‘closest ally’ Saudi Arabian law prohibits not only any faith but Islam, they don’t even allow foreign missionaries from any other faith in side their country.

H.R. 2431 provides for an Ambassador at Large and staff to keep Congress and the President apprised as to which countries are in violation of the conditions laid down in this bill.

Should countries be found in violation of Freedom of Religion and/or engage in religious persecution, the bill authorizes the President to take actions against such countries.

Here are 7 direct actions available to the President listed in the bill, with 8 others being indirect.

(1) public condemnation;

(2) delay or cancellation of scientific and cultural exchanges;

(3) withdrawal, limitation, or suspension of U.S. development assistance and U.S. security assistance; (4) instruction of U.S. executive directors of international financial institutions to vote against loans primarily benefiting the foreign government responsible for such violations;

(5) restrictions on the issuance of licenses to export any goods or technology to such foreign government; (6) prohibition against the making, guaranteeing, or insuring of loans, or extension of credit by certain U.S. financial institutions to the violating government; and

(7) prohibition of U.S. Government procurement of goods or services from such government

When was the last time President Obama took any of the actions listed in this legislation to confront this violation of Religious Freedom?

When was the last time President Obama even took the very first action at his disposal (Public condemnation)?

Yes I’m aware President Obama has spoken out against the brutal acts of ISIS, but at the same time ignored violations on a country wide basis.

According to the latest annual report posted on the government website (as required by this legislation):

The following countries are Tier 1 or “countries of particular concern,” or CPCs. IRFA requires the U.S. government to designate as a CPC any country whose government engages in or tolerates particularly severe violations of religious freedom that are systematic, ongoing and egregious.”

Notice the Islamic countries listed in Tier 1 (countries of particular concern):



Saudi Arabia


Turkmenistan Is 89% Muslim


We are allowing religious oppression, bordering on genocide to some faiths, to continue while providing refuge for peoples of the same faith which is guilty of the persecution.

H.R. 2431 was signed into law by Bill Clinton, ironically a few months after the founding of The Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton Foundation’s first year received a shade over $3 million in donations (from whom we aren’t privileged to know), meanwhile Saudi Arabia conveniently got a pass from Bill Clinton even after terrorist attacks, killing hundreds of Americans, were planned and carried out by Usama Bin Laden a citizen of Saudi Arabia.

This miscalculation led to 9/11 where thousands of Americans were killed. All planned and carried out by Usama Bin Laden and 15 Saudi citizens.

While our government has more of less exonerated the Saudi Government of knowing and /or assisting in the attacks recently, it does not erase the guilt of Saudi Arabia as being guilty of violating the conditions of this legislation.

During the Bush years, before and after the Iraq war, the relationship with Saudi Arabia cooled, but was deemed necessary for success in Iraq by our government. Bush took advantage of a waiver clause in the bill (which I refer to as the Bush clause):


(3) the important national interest of the United States requires the exercise of such waiver authority

In 2009 enter Barak Obama and his questionable affection for all things Islamic. Obama has taken no action against Islamic countries in general or allies in particular that are guilty of grossly violating the conditions set forth in this bill.

A number of Tier 1 countries have donated money to the Clinton Foundation and those donations escalated during Hillary’s term as Secretary of State (2009-2013). Buying silence perhaps?

But those details are for another article.

This bill needs to return to the forefront of American conscience because of the current immigration, or-lack-thereof policy of Obama. Based on this legislation, we could and should, change our immigration/refugee focus to those people who are persecuted in Islamic countries, and base the priority of application on the severity of the persecution.

Which is not what is happening now. War torn Syria is the current administrations priority one; even while Christians are being be-headed and crucified on crosses.


The current administration is all-to-eager to provide ‘refugee statuses’ to people of the very same faith which is intolerant of every other faith except their own, and are guilty of violations listed in this bill. Christians are being murdered, jailed, beaten, and ostracized in Muslim countries, by Muslims.

There is political rhetoric today that we shouldn’t discriminate against any immigrants based on religion. I agree, to a point. The purpose of refugee status is to protect those who are victims of


FREEDOM.—The term ‘‘particularly severe violations of religious freedom’’ means systematic, ongoing, egregious violations of religious freedom, including violations such as—

(A) torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment;

(B) prolonged detention without charges;

Less than 2% of those granted ‘refugee asylum’ this year are Christian, or of any other faith but. It seems to me there is selective discrimination being carried out by this administration.

It is widely reported Christians are systematically abused by Muslims occupying refugee camps, reducing their chances of ever escaping their fate, and overlooked by this administration.

And if they are lucky enough to make it to another country, they are still abused by Muslims in the refugee camps.

This could be one of the greatest miscarriages of justice ever committed by the United States. We have ignored the cries for help from peoples of other faiths, while embracing with open arms, those who are guilty of persecuting those who seek freedom of religion.

It is without excuse we have failed to act.

Obama loves to proclaim we are not a Christian Nation, but we are a nation of Christians, and this country was founded by those of Judeo-Christian beliefs. The very reason for coming to the new world was to exercise freedom of religion. Get over it Mr. President.

The rise of radical Islam has been on the rise since the Iranian revolution, and has accelerated in human rights abuses in the last 10 years. iran1Instead of taking a stand against this demonic barbarism our government considers Saudi Arabia an ally and we have all but handed nuclear weapons to the Iranians, all in direct violation of the terms of H.R. 2431.

May God forgive us if we fail to rescue those who are oppressed by Islamic countries because of their desire to freely worship, while importing the instruments of our own destruction.