And The Clueless Award For October 2013 Goes To

youre_looking_at_the_problem_oval_sticker-rfae333590a7344c5bf5485eaed2b6f00_v9wz7_8byvr_512 ……………… all of us who thought for a second  that John Boehner was a leader, and that he wouldn’t cave in at the last minute…………again.

The excuse was he didn’t have the votes in the House to continue the fight. Why not? If you know you are going to fight and need those votes then you work to get those votes, you work every day to make sure you can count on them; you don’t wait until the last minute and try to get those votes.

If you can’t do the job, then resign; let someone else take the leadership role, which to me is a mystery in its own right. The speaker of the house is a result of the selection of the majority of the members. So the majority selected Boehner to be speaker, and yet they won’t follow his lead?

Let’s review what Conservative’s get out of this ‘deal’ negotiated between Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid – yes the negotiation was between those two – while Mr. Boehner just went along with the deal.

Reopen the government (and giving all of those non-essential government employees back pay) which amounts to a 16 day paid vacation at the taxpayers’ expense. Everyone in the private sector wishes they could get 16 day paid vacation, but it seems that privilege is only available to ‘non-essential’ employees.

I wonder what the chances are that those ‘non-essential’ government employees who received unemployment benefits will return that money since they are going get back pay. Some states will allow those employees to keep the money. Wow, a ‘non-essential’ government employee gets 16 paid days off and some will get to double-dip and keep the unemployment benefits they were collecting in the meantime. And the best part is we get to pay for it.

An increase in the debt ceiling – again – to somewhere close to 18 Trillion. How many times do you think you would be able to call your credit card company, already maxed out, and get a limit increase? Maybe once – how likely would you be if you had already had your credit limit increased by 57% in the last 4 ½ years which is exactly what has happened under Obama? Worse still is until February 2014 there is no official debt ceiling at all. Obama could spend more than the estimated 1 Trillion between now and then and no one could do anything about it

Sadder still is President Obama’s stated position on a debt ceiling increase “It does not increase our debt,” Mr. Obama said. “It does not grow our deficits. All it does is allow the Treasury Department to pay for what Congress has already spent.” Yes, and unicorns are real too.

They postponed deficit negotiations – until January. It’s déjà vu. Have you ever had one of times when you found yourself somewhere and thought ‘I swear I’ve been here before?’ Or someone says something and you thought ‘I knew you were going say that.’ The start and finish of all of this drama, time after time, is déjà vu.

I do not claim to be a prophet; but look for the same drama and same outcome when these ‘negotiations’ fail again in January because they won’t be negotiations at all, they will be token talks with no give and take, only take. The Libs have won every time thus far and Boehner has lost, so why would we expect the next time to be any different?

Income verification for those applying for Obamacare – well that concession gained by Boehner’s bums is a myth. The Obama Administration initially wanted ‘scaled back’ income verification rules for this year so they could swell the rolls of Obamacare signees (at taxpayer expense) back in July, but the Republicans pitched a fit and the scale back never took place. So the so called concession was a myth.

Well it seems Mitch McConnell took the bribe from old Harry and signed on. What was the bribe? A new Dam for Kentucky. Obama and the Lib’s get what they want, 400,000 non-essential government employees get a paid vacation, McConnell gets a new dam, and we get the bill. What a deal! Thanks John.

Because we continue to allow our elected officials to screw us over and all we do is bitch about it. Because we continue to hope someone else will get the job done, and they don’t. Because we continue to re-elect the same people who don’t put our interests before theirs, we are the clueless award winners this month. images


Colin Powell Attacks Voter ID Legislation

powell            The Liberal attacks on current and pending Voter ID legislation continued over the weekend of August 24, 2013 with a new spokesperson. Colin Powell, rented from the has-been warehouse, made the rounds on the Sunday talk-show circuit taking to task those evil Republicans and their terribly unjust campaign supporting Voter ID legislation, and the huge disadvantage voter ID laws would create for poor minorities.

Of course there are no facts that support such allegations. Nor have the Liberals bothered to explain exactly how voter ID laws hinder voting. In fact there is not one court case proving Voter ID laws restricted and/or hindered any legitimate voter from casting their vote.

While Powell insisted “that there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud, the very premise of the identification statutes,” there are several cases of voter fraud and voter intimidation tied directly to the election and subsequent re-election of Barrack Obama. The fact is voter fraud is more common than they would have you believe. In my own state it was reported today ten registered voters used the same home address yet none of them lived there.

Powell warned the Republicans that strict Voter ID laws would “backfire.” then outlined the solution, as he sees it; “Here’s what I say to my Republican friends: The country is becoming more diverse,” You say you want to reach out, you say you want to have a new message. You say you want to see if you can bring some of these voters to the Republican side. This is not the way to do it.”

Powell then suggested “The way to do it is to make it easier for them to vote and then give them something to vote for that they can believe in.”

No, we do not need to make it easier to cheat, nor do we need weaker laws and even weaker law enforcement officials. What we need is for people to have the assurance that their vote counts. People need to know that their vote will not be nullified by voter fraud. That’s what they need, that’s what “they can believe in.”

As far as any “new message” is concerned; the Conservative message needs to revert back to its roots of Defense of the freedom guaranteed by the Constitution, smaller government, governmental fiscal responsibility, and the enforcement of the law of the land.

Powell then revisited the past as justification to strike down Voter ID legislation said “You need a photo ID. Well, you didn’t need a photo ID for decades before.” “Is it really necessary now?” Well Mr. Powell in the decades before people didn’t lock their doors, left the keys in the car, and were able to walk down the street at night without fear of being attacked by punks and gang-bangers. But that has changed as well.

As a diversionary tactic Powell took the opportunity to address the Trayvon Martin saga calling the verdict “questionable,” as if it had anything at all to do with the subject at hand. The only thing questionable about the verdict in the Zimmerman trial was why there was a trial at all.

Of course there was nothing ‘questionable’ about the shooting death of the Australian foreign student by 2 black teens who claimed they shot the man because they were “bored,” nor the beating death of an 80 year old WWII veteran by 2 black teens.

Anyway Powell was sent to continue the formal attack on voter ID legislation, even as Attorney General, Eric Holder, files a lawsuit against the state of Texas over their Voter ID laws, but why?

Liberals fear they will lose the Senate in 2014 so they must muster every vote, legal or not, and get their vote counted. Voter ID legislation is a hindrance to voter fraud. Not because it hinders legitimate voters, but because it would prevent much of the voter fraud that took place in 2008 and 2012.

In the light of the dismal performance by the Obama Administration, who is collecting scandals faster than rabbits having sex and whose policy failures are so numerous they are becoming expected, an all-out effort is what they need to win, by hook or crook.

While Powell continues the drum beat over Voter ID legislation, we must counter by contacting our representatives and demand that Voter ID legislation be passed in every state until all 50 states have Voter ID laws. We must be prepared to state our position, defend our reasons, and refute the propaganda that is sure to come from the left.

The second call to arms is to get every single registered Conservative, Republican, Independent, and Democrat who cares about the future of this country, to the polls, take control of both houses of Congress and stop the destructive agenda this president is carrying out on this country while Harry Reid and the rest of the Liberals in Congress sit by and do nothing.

We must counter this onslaught by an onslaught of our own – forcing the Voter ID issue until it becomes the law of the land.

We cannot have a repeat of 2012 where lazy-ass Republicans didn’t vote because Mitt Romney wasn’t the ‘perfect’ candidate, or they felt like their vote didn’t matter because of the cheating on the other side.

Give the Liberals credit, they found the perfect spokesman in Powell to speak out against Voter ID legislation; a black man growing up during the civil rights struggle, with an excellent military career and having served with a Republican President, Powell was a good choice.

Of late Powell has been siding more and more with the Liberals on social issues. Maybe playing the race card had too much draw for Powell to resist. Voter-ID

Obama Is Losing The War Against What He Terms As ‘Phony’ Scandals


President Obama is losing the battle over what he termed on July 25thphony scandals.” The IRS targeting scandal, Benghazi, and the exposure of NSA spying activities (revealed by the defection of Eric Snowden) has forced the Obama Administration to switch tactics on how to handle them.

Why has the Obama Administration been unable to move past these three scandals like many previous ones?

For one, these three scandals potentially affect all Americans, not just those who disagree with the President’s failed policies. The Benghazi fiasco made America consider it could have been their sons who lost their lives while the President was too busy campaigning to come to their aid. And while this dereliction of duty was bad enough, insult was added to injury by the Administration’s lame cover-up, believed by no-one.

The IRS targeting scandal stoked the fire of mistrust when people realized the IRS could investigate, audit, or refuse license to any person or organization whose political leanings differed from those in power. And the officers of the same could do so without any accountability. If the IRS could target political groups over a difference of ideals, what could prevent the IRS to do what they wished to whomever they wished?

The trifecta of problems came in the person of one Eric Snowden who exposed an out of control government spying agency known as the NSA. This scandal proved to be a thorny one for the administration – every American’s casual belief that the Big Brother was somehow spying on the most personal aspects of their lives was confirmed by Eric Snowden.

What was promised as the “most transparent administration ever,” is anything but transparent, and the public opinion polls are reflecting that fact. Even the most ardent followers of President Obama are giving pause, and taking a closer look at the current scandals, questioning the Administrations explanations.

In an effort to regroup, after his losing the battle with his usual cover up effort, the Administration pulled out the old playbook and manufactured a crisis. Making a mountain out of a molehill the Obama camp devised a plan which they hoped could illustrate to everyone they were willing to do whatever to protect the lives of American emissaries overseas (which they failed to do at Benghazi) and prove the necessity of the NSA in the defense of the nation. I need not remind anyone Senator Obama was against the same NSA activities that now President Obama is a stanch supporter of.

On August 2, 2013 the State Department shut down activities at 19 U.S. embassies in the Middle East. This decision to close the embassies, they said, was based on ‘chatter’ between Al-Qaida leaders intercepted by the NSA. Pretty convenient timing one would think. Most of us gave little credence to this ominous danger being wise to the creation of crises by the Obama Administration. I wonder how the Obama camp thought the  necessity of the closing of the embassy in Afghanistan play out since we have a standing Army completely capable of thwarting any attack by insurgents.

This knee-jerk action signaled a sign of failure from the start. Foreign policy experts, elected officials, and people in general felt this was an overreaction by the administration and another foreign policy blunder by Obama. Dr. Walid Phares, a terrorism expert, said the United States “shouldn’t signal retreat” by closing any embassies in the Middle East, as it would only embolden the enemy.

In an effort to maintain his ‘cult hero’ status the campaigner-in-chief scheduled an appearance on the Tonight Show Tuesday evening hosted by Jay Leno, he was the only guest. A whole hour of Barack Obama, no one considered this was a setup, right? It was sad, the president of the United States talked, joked, and made light of serious issues that affected the lives of the American people. It was reminiscent of a once popular actor, whose career was in decline, running the talk show circuit blaming everyone and everything for their sinking popularity but themselves. Maybe no one would notice the fact Jay Leno, who had already been replaced by Jimmie Fallon, and was only called in for this one performance.

Leno could be trusted not to further embarrass the president by asking awkward questions he was not prepared to answer, nothing was left to chance. But even in this scripted affair, President Obama carefully chose his words, never once linking the term Islamic when speaking of terrorist attacks. Altogether it was a diplomatic failure at the expense of saving face here at home.

Going a step further on August 8, 2013, the White House canceled a meeting with Russian president Putin in protest to Russia’s granting Eric Snowden asylum there. A move that was both expected and appropriate, but failed to garner any accolades; in short it was an insignificant move by the White House. Things were not improving on any of the scandal fronts and Obama facing still unanswered questions, called a news conference on August 8, 2013.

As usual, the President was 6 minutes late to his own scheduled address, revealing a total lack of respect for all of those in attendance. The tone of his remarks could be described as glib, containing little or no substance – it was the same old Obama, just a little more irritated that normal. He was losing the scandal war and it was showing. Instead of his arrogant, scripted address, the President spoke as one under pressure, even some of his favorite terms like ‘folks,’ were missing from his address.

During the remarks- regarding the NSA, the President said “we are not out there willy-nilly sucking information in on everybody and doing with it what we please.” Not only is there no proof to support that claim, I have issue with that particular statement. I have in my possession a government metadata file that I found which contains my email address from work!

Much of the remaining address was the usual meaningless comments and plants to fix the problem. Obama spoke of a new website designed to “restore the public’s confidence in their government,” and of course openness to yet another debate. It was reported; Before the press conference President Barack Obama hosted Apple CEO Tim Cook, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, Google computer scientist Vint Cerf and other tech executives and civil liberties leaders on Thursday for a closed-door meeting about government surveillance. A closed door meeting to address privacy invasion of the American people does not restore the public’s confidence.

In a last ditch effort to defuse the situation Obama turned his attention to the 2014 Olympics which will be hosted by Russia. While he said boycotting the Olympics would be unfair to all those athletes who were training, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to say he “hoped that a gay U.S. athlete would bring hold a gold medal.” Does this imply if you’re a heterosexual athlete and win a gold medal in 2014 your victory is less meaningful than a gold medal won by a homosexual?

To Obama, Russia’s intolerance for homosexual marriage would serve as a justified reason for cancellation of the meeting with Putin. The fact is Putin, by shrewdly refusing to give up the best source of intelligence since Gary Powers, had embarrassed the President on a world stage. The cost of these ‘phony’ scandals was mounting both home and abroad.

President Obama is losing the war on all three of these real scandals and the only thing phony about them is that way they are being addressed and/ or avoided by this president. Transparency and truth are found in this administration as infrequently as the time President Obama spends in the oval office. It’s time this President spent more time at work and do the job he was elected to do. The next time Obama addresses the American people it should be from the Oval office instead of from a road show appearance.

President Obama has spent less time in the Oval office than any president save James Garfield (who was shot four months after he took office). The argument ‘the president is the president no matter where he is’ becomes indefensible when he continues to fly all over the country in Air Force One, costing the taxpayers $180,000 per hour, when economic issues go unresolved that need to be resolved at the office, in person.

The Obama family left Saturday for their annual vacation at Martha’s Vineyard (leaving on time I bet). One can only guess what the White House minions will come up with to rescue their leader from these latest scandals, but expect something outrageous.


Mr. President you can run but you can’t hide. You can label these latest scandals ‘phony’ if you wish but they are real, you are responsible for them. You are running out of scapegoats, excuses, and empty promises. Even the media is beginning to limit their gushing support of your policies and subsequent actions, and beginning to ask questions of their own.  These scandals will be waiting for you when you return, and I will do my best to keep everyone aware of what you have been caught doing.


Obamacare Delayed… A Warning Sign?


Tuesday a key portion of Obamacare, the employee mandate, requiring businesses with more than 50 employees to provide ‘affordable’ healthcare coverage for their employees or face a fine, was put on hold by the white house.

While this seemed like good news for businesses, there is a stark warning in this decision that is being overlooked.

Obamacare to date has failed to deliver on almost every promise. To name a few;

“You can keep your doctor” – The reality is the medical community is experiencing a shortage in doctors. The passing of Obamacare has influenced many physicians to retire. Those who remain in practice are refusing to take on any new Medicare/ Medicaid patients because of the low fees and the blizzard of paperwork required to get paid, forcing patients who have lost their current physician scrambling to find another.

“Insurance companies will now compete for your business” – You still cannot buy health insurance coverage outside of the state in which you reside, and many states are refusing to set up insurance exchanges because of the legacy cost , so there is no ‘competition’ for your business.

It will make healthcare affordable for everyone- Personally, my health insurance premium has doubled since 2008. There are fewer people covered by health insurance this year than last year, and the number of uninsured continues to grow. The only people who have benefited from the affordability of Obamacare are the same people who didn’t pay for healthcare before.

We all should remember the crooked way in which this legislation was forced upon us. Many congressional members were opposed to this bill even when the democrats controlled both houses of Congress. To even get the bill out of committee a rino (republican in name only) Senator (Olympia Snow) had to be coerced into signing on. The entire state of Nebraska was granted a waiver by the Obama Administration in order to get that senator’s vote. A deal remembered as the ‘Corn Husker kickback.’

Let’s not forget the waivers granted for union members, and the hundreds of other groups the administration owed favors to.

So what is the danger in the decision made by the Obama Administration to delay implementation? The fact the Obama Administration has the authority to turn off and turn on portions of this legislation at a whim without Congressional approval should be a stark warning!

I am as disappointed as anyone that Obamacare became law, but the fact remains it was voted on and passed by Congress then signed into law by the President. But is there provision in the bill giving authority to the President to decide what portions of the law go into effect and which ones are delayed or eliminated?

While the delay caused some small business owners to breathe a short sigh of relief, those on the receiving will now have to wait another year to see if their employer will provide the coverage or just drop it and pay the fine.

Who voted for this delay? Was this decision even mentioned to any Congressional leader – no, the Obama Administration made the decision on their own!

Have the new taxes been delayed, or the new requirements on insurance companies – no!

We all know the reason for the delay; the 2014 elections on the heels of the implementation of this portion of Obamacare would be a serious obstacle to a struggling economy and a potential deathblow to the democratically controlled Senate.

There are no Democrats complaining about this delay – they know, 4 years too late, this bill is a disaster, the majority of Americans hate it and the democrats fear they will pay the price in 2014. So what to do other than shove the implementation date to a time after the elections.

What other portions of this bill will be modified, eliminated, or enforced on the whim of the president? In 2011 the provision for long term care, deemed too costly, was struck from the bill, leaving many elderly people struggling to be able to afford the coverage if they could even find it.

Wasn’t Obamacare originally proposed to us as insurance against these very situations? Of course it was, but the truth is those ‘death panels’ laughed off by liberals as a conservative scare tactic are a reality. And the coverage provided by Obamacare may just depend on whether the patient is a young potential liberal voter or an elderly conservative.

Obamacare was never about affordable healthcare, it’s already failed there, its about control, government control of more of our lives. When one man controls the healthcare of the American people and with it 1/3 of our economy; how is that different from tyranny?

Has Our Flag Lost Its Meaning?

American Flag Memorial Day is a day we have set aside to remember our fallen and the ultimate price those Americans paid for the freedom and liberty we enjoy today. Hero’s all, in their own way – some died in far away lands answering their country’s call, others knowingly sacrificed their lives in defense of their brothers in arms, and some in between.

There is a symbol in the center of the common ground all of these men and women share, not merely a symbol, but a symbol which represents a way of life those brave men and women sacrificed for – the American flag. Our flag represents many things to many people – liberty, freedom, peace, hope, prosperity, and family just to name a few. Our flag stands for all of these things and more.

But beyond that, the American flag represents who we are as a people, or who we once were. The flag is not just a symbol – it’s a memory, it’s a rally point, it invokes pride and humility. Our flag is not just a symbol of a nation or a lifestyle; it is symbolic of 3 things that should comprise the very core of our beliefs.

We are all somewhat familiar with what the flags historic design represents, the 50 stars represent the 50 states that comprise our union, the 13 stripe represent the original 13 colonies comprising a fledgling nation who would fight and finally gain independence from a tyrannical king.

The flag has gone through many changes since the revolutionary war to become what it is today and even though we may know what the flags design represents historically, I fear the meaning; the philosophy of its design is being lost.

The old saying “THESE COLORS MAY BLEED, BUT THEY NEVER RUNgives insight to the true depth of symbolism of our flag and the moral implications of that symbolism.

The 50 stars do represent the 50 states that comprise our union. They share commonality in the blue background of the flag – a new thing, a new constellation is represented. The states are united in their defense of this nation and in their core beliefs or vigilance, perseverance, and justice; those beliefs being best represented in the Constitution of the United States.

But while they are united by a blue background, they are all individual stars, the founders realized the states, being occupied by peoples of different backgrounds and ethnicities should have their own autonomy or governing to a great extent. This would foster freedom and co-operation between the states by mutual respect for each other.

We also find depth of symbolism in the strips of our flag.

Charles Thompson, the Secretary of the Continental Congress stated it best; “White signifies purity and innocence; red, hardiness and valor; and blue, vigilance, perseverance and justice.”

Considering Charles Thompson’s definition – the statement “These Colors may bleed, but they never runtakes on a whole new meaning and a warning.

How far have we drifted from the philosophy represented by our flag? The “purity and innocence” represented by the flag’s white stripes is rapidly being replaced by a moral depravity that has bled into every fabric of our society, all the while hiding behind the banner of freedom.

Freedom is not freedom to do what ever the hell you what, it is being able to do whatever you want in purity of purpose and in the innocence of motive.

The “hardiness and valor” represented by the red strips is succumbing to laziness and cowardess. We have allowed our government to construct a framework in which laziness is encouraged and where hard work and valor are minimized.

We are allowing an entire generation to become cowards, refusing to stand up for themselves, their neighbors, and their beliefs, and instead are being blown about by the wind of popularity.

The meaning of the blue background surrounding the 50 stars – “vigilance, perseverance and justice,” are under attack by a people who’s concept of justice is whatever they determine to be in the best interest of the people, under the deceptive banner of ‘Social Justice.’

The founders possessed the foresight to realize “vigilance” was a necessary safeguard to keep the core beliefs of our nation strong; to keep the colors of the flag from ‘running,’ allowing our nation to become something altogether different than its original intent. Runined flag

Unless our vigilance is restored soon, we will loose our country. It’s time to fully comprehend what our flag represents, restore our core beliefs, break with those who are destroying our country by intent or omission, remaining vigilant, realizing that it’s takes just as much hard work, perseverance, and sacrifice to maintain a country as it does to build one.

Only then will we understand fully what our flag represents and be truly thankful for the price paid by those who we honor on this Memorial Day.

The IRS Investigation – You’re Doing It Wrong!








President Obama, during a news conference this week, with the Turkish Prime minister in tow, and making reference to the ongoing IRS scandal said:

“I think we’re going to be able to fix it.”

It was an empty statement. Complaints about IRS targeting of Conservative groups have been in the news since 2010 yet Obama’s position has been one of being entirely unaware of the scandal. How are you going to fix it, Mr. President?

Are you going to fix it from here on out, Mr. President, so it doesn’t happen again? Since the damage is done and you’ve won re-election that isn’t good enough.

Are you going to allow a full investigation to find those responsible and hold them accountable even if it involves prosecution? I think it is very unlikely, especially since you denied even knowing about it, Mr. President.

The bravado Obama displayed saying, “I will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency, but particularly the IRS given the power that it has and the reach that it has in all of our lives,” is a joke.

What is the likelihood that members of the Obama Re-election team, the Obama Administration, or President Obama himself knew about this targeting practice? I would suggest it is very likely.

The manner in which this investigation (thus far) is being conducted is nothing short of a dog-and-pony show and being conducted entirely wrong.

The head of the IRS (Steven Miller) was asked to resign, but he was going to leave in June anyway.

And Lois Lerner, the head of the division that examines nonprofit claims, has crawled under a rock.

Attorney General Eric Holder acts as if he doesn’t give a crap or is totally clueless.

Sarah Hall Ingram, the previous head of the dept responsible for tax-exempt organizations between 2009 and 2012 has been rewarded by the Obama Administration for her excellent work and has been moved to be in charge of the newly created IRS Obamacare department.

Her replacement, Joseph Grant, gets the job just in time to be thrown into the street and run over by the Obama bus; then fired.

This is not going to get the results needed. As a manager, when I am faced with a problem involving one of my staff, I don’t go through 2 or 3 supervisors to get the details of the problem, I go right to the person that was directly involved with the problem.

You work from the ground floor up; you don’t start where the ‘buck stops’; you go to where the ‘buck started.’

Every case in which a conservative organization was submitted to this ridiculous scrutiny, has an IRS case number assigned to it and a case worker assigned to it.

Get that case worker or case workers one at the time and let them testify before a congressional hearing under oath. Ask them this question:

“Did you intentionally target certain conservative groups on your own volition or were you instructed to do so by a supervisor?” Point blank!

If they say it was on their own, then that is where the ‘buck stops’ and they must face the consequences.

Since everyone connected with the Obama administration insists this abuse of power was isolated to ‘lower level’ employees, then the investigation should be wrapped up fairly quickly and the violators fired and/or prosecuted.

Given the number of groups targeted since 2010; a number of IRS employees were involved. That adds doubt that these IRS case workers did this targeting on their own.

If the answer to the question “Did you intentionally target certain conservative groups on your own volition or were you instructed to do so by a supervisor?” produces the answer “I was instructed to,’ then the next natural question would be “Who was the person who instructed you to do so?” Point blank!

Next, you subpoena that supervisor and ask them the same question. Climb up the ladder until you get to where the ‘buck started’ no matter how far up the ladder it goes. Then it’s up to the prosecutor to occupy the place where the ‘buck stops.’

Listening in on the hearings today my accusation still stands – You are doing it wrong. They are asking the wrong questions to the wrong people. The report read by J. Russell George — the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

Contains NO NAMES so what’s the point.

Until the individual caseworkers are called to testify, this is a waste of time. Don’t get your hopes up on anyone in the Obama farm house being named in the investigation; remember Current members of his staff owe back taxes.

We must press every member of government until we have every name of every person involved in this; they are allowed to testify under oath in the open, and they are fired and/or prosecuted.

So with the fresh memory of Benghazi, forgive me, Mr. President, if your ‘lack of tolerance’ speech ‘for this abuse of power’ sounds empty.

We must not allow anyone involved in this to just get away with it, keeping their pensions and positions like those involved in Fast & Furious managed to do.

Ultimately we will be the guilty if we allow those who are guilty to walk away again.




The Dangers of HR808

GunGrab_200When I heard the news announcement about the creation of a new Department known as the Department of Peacebuilding, I thought to myself you can’t be serious, thinking that this was just another attempt to increase the size of the nanny-state.

I decided to look up the proposed legislation, as I read it I realized they are serious, and the proposed legislation (HR808) known as the ‘‘Department of Peacebuilding Act of 2013,” has serious implications.

This gun rights grabbing, waste of money bill was re-introduced by Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California (The original bill is actually a rehash of the bill introduced by Rep Dennis Kucinich in2007). In short, this legislation is a wolf-in-sheep’s clothing piece of deceptive legislation.

If your initial assessment of this bill was based simply on the title of the legislation, it would lead you to believe what I did when I first heard about it; that it was a pointless nanny state waste of money.

After reading this bill I find it is dangerous; it not only attempts to link gun control legislation to left wing organizations like the UN, the Institute for Economics and Peace, and the Earth Charter, but it interjects itself into just about every other department of the Government.

Beginning in Section 2, line 23:

“We must address the multiple causes of this public health epidemic by reinstating the ban on assault weapons, prohibiting high-capacity magazines, improving mental health services, supporting comprehensive violence prevention efforts, establishing a Federal gun buy-back program, and enforcing existing laws by investing in our law enforcement agencies to help get guns off the streets.”

None of this proposed legislation is necessary with the exception of “enforcing existing laws,” which this government has failed to do.

It’s clear from the outset what the point of this bill is; an attack on the 2nd amendment right to bear arms. This is almost verbatim what the liberals have been saying in almost every news outlet in the country of late, but this bill takes it 2 steps further. One, by instituting a Federal gun buy-back program, and two, it creates an agency that will ultimately have a say on almost any gun transaction inside and outside the U.S.

The justification of this legislation (according to hr808 supporters) is supported by determinations made by the following organizations:

A 2004 World Health Organization report, the Institute for Economics and Peace, and The Earth Charter, none of which are organizations founded in the U.S.

The bill sights the UN program Action on a Culture of Peace, whose stated purpose is among other things “the free flow of information and disarmament.”

I might mention just a couple other points of interest surrounding these organizations mentioned in this bill: First, the Institute for Economics and Peace is an organization founded by Steve Killelea a philanthropist from Australia whose stated mission is “dedicated to promoting a better understanding of the social and economic factors that develop a more peaceful society. It achieves its goals by developing new conceptual frameworks to define peace; providing metrics for measuring peace; and, uncovering the relationship between peace, business and prosperity.”

In short, creating links between social and economic factors, peace and guns.

All of the leadership members reside outside of the U.S. with exception of Michelle Breslauer, their Program Manager of US Operations, who now resides in New York, transferring from her previous location in Brazil. It would appear that they are setting up shop in the U.S. Firing their first scathing report of U.S. violence (which is mentioned in this bill and entitled “The U.S. Peace index”).

Of course they tried to illustrate the cost of domestic violence to the taxpayer, but the index included “affairs such as offshore military activities,” which kind of skews their findings.

They also determine “Violence prevention is cost effective. For every dollar spent in violence prevention and peacebuilding, many lives and many dollars are saved,” even though they would be hard pressed to produce any evidence to support these claims.

Another hidden agenda in this legislation is mentioned in the charter of the other organization of note, The Earth Charter;  which includes the following “We must join together to bring forth a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace.’’

I think this socialistic statement speaks for itself.

The purpose of this bill not only creates an entire new department of government, it also creates a cabinet level position, which would inherently be allowed a budget and legal authority to carry out its stated purpose. The head of this new department would be appointed by the president thereby BYPASSING Congressional confirmation. It does this by modifying the National Security Act of 1947, which is another danger of this legislation.

The limits of the far-reaching authority of this proposed department are difficult to calculate totally, but its stated responsibilities are alarming.

Just to highlight a few sections under Responsibilities and Powers:

“developing new policies and supporting existing policies that effectively address personal and family violence, including suicide, domestic violence, spousal abuse, child abuse, and mistreatment of the elderly;”

“policies and programs that effectively reduce drug and alcohol abuse;”

“address crime, punishment, and rehabilitation,”

“approaches for dealing with the tools of violence, including handguns,”

“societal challenges of school violence, gangs, racial or ethnic violence, violence against gays and lesbians, and police-community relations disputes;”

“providing for public education programs addressing diversity of the people of the United States with regard to race, religion, creed, gender and gender identification, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, and other perceived difference;”

“advise the Secretary of Defense”

“establish and administer a budget designated for the training and deployment of unarmed civilian peacekeepers”

“work jointly with the Secretary of the Treasury,”

“submit to the President recommendations for reductions in weapons of mass destruction, and make annual reports to the President on the sale of arms from the United States to other nations,”

And on it goes. The power and influence transferred to the President trough the powers vested in this department are alarming especially “establishing and administering a budget designated for the training and deployment of unarmed civilian peacekeepers,” all outside the control and oversight of the Congress.

I think the dangers hidden in this legislation are obvious. This is but part one of the examination of HR808.

But this should be enough to get you to contact your representatives and express your displeasure over this bill, but don’t wait too long because the bill is in committee now.

What does Benghazi matter?


During the Benghazi hearings last week (Wed 1/23/2013) Sen. Ron Johnson’s questioning of Hillary Clinton provoked this response.

“With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans.” “Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night decided they’d go kill some Americans?”

“What difference, at this point, does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, senator.”

Here is why it matters Mrs. Clinton:

  • Requests for additional security were ignored by your department for months.
  • When the embassy was under attack, the orders were either issued to stand down or the situation was ignored.
  • Immediately after the attacks the Obama administration (your boss) engaged in deception by blaming the attacks on a Youtube video which turned out to be a blatant lie.
  • You even further propounded the lie by buying advertising space in Afghanistan and Pakistan apologizing for the video.
  • The perpetrators of the attacks are still on the loose.
  • You have taken responsibility for the failures and the deaths of 4 Americans, yet no one has been held accountable for their actions.
  • Your testimony was largely a history lesson and a review of current affairs in Africa which was not the subject at hand, but merely a carefully orchestrated deflection of the issue itself.

The Definition of accountability according to Wiki is:

In governance, accountability has expanded beyond the basic definition of “being called to account for one’s actions”. It is frequently described as an account-giving relationship between individuals, e.g. “A is accountable to B when A is obliged to inform B about A’s (past or future) actions and decisions, to justify them, and to suffer punishment in the case of eventual misconduct”.

I charge that You Mrs. Clinton, as well as members of your staff have been derelict in your duties and should suffer punishment consisting of; removal from office, any and all government benefits taken away, and you should be barred from future Government Service in any capacity.

Accountability cannot exist without proper accounting practices; in other words, an absence of accounting means an absence of accountability.

You have resigned from your post (with your benefits in tact) and no one from your staff has been dismissed which means there has been no accountability other than a public declaration “I take full responsibility.”

Yes, four Americans are dead, and it’s all or in part, your fault. And it has cost you nothing.

I wonder if your arrogant indifference would be the same if your daughter Chelsea was killed, her dead body raped and dragged through the streets on world wide television and no one was held accountable, would the same “I take full responsibility” (on the way out the door) be satisfactory?

imagesSunday this story took a bizarre twist. Not only did Hillary escape accountability; she was rewarded by President Obama Sunday night on 60 Minutes.

Hillary’s reward (or slobber-fest) was for ‘falling on her sword’ in defense of the Obama Administration, even though it was portrayed otherwise. Since its obvious Hillary isn’t going to say anything to jeopardize the Obama administrations cover up of Benghazi, everything is forgiven and forgotten.

I wonder how Susan Rice felt about this after she was thrown off the Obama express. Will she have a kissy-kissy with Obama next week on 60 Minutes or will her reward be something else?

The shame of this administration knows no bounds. Four Americans are dead, this administration screwed up, covered up and no one was held accountable.

That’s what difference it makes Mrs. Clinton.


Hurricane Sandy Pork Bill part II


In part one of our Hurricane Sandy Pork Bill we left off at the $44 million allocation for NOAA airplane repairs. I doubt any of the victims of Sandy give a rats .. well.. you know ..about the hurricane airplanes.

So if it doesn’t help the recovery effort, then why is it in the bill at all? Its simple…its pork.

A million here and a million there we get to The Dept of Defense. They get $88.3 million for repairs as the result of Sandy (beginning Chapter 3 pg.11)

Gotta love some of the wording in the legislation – “for necessary expenses related to the consequences of Hurricane Sandy:”

What exactly are ‘necessary expenses’ and who determines that?

Now we get to the meat of the issue; The Corps of Engineers.

They want $5.35 Billion for Sandy repairs. There’s not much point in arguing the merits, or lack there of, of all of the expenditures here, but there are a few things worth mentioning.

1. $50 Million to “For an additional amount for ‘‘Investigations’’ to expedite studies of flood and storm damage reduction related natural disasters,”

Now boys and girls $50 million for studies is laughable. If you have a mental picture of a family with no house, no car, etc, please tell me how you can rationalize a $50 million expenditure for ‘studies’?

Once again I ask – How did you arrive at that number, and who did it?

There is even a stipulation: “Provided, That using $29,500,000 of the funds provided herein, the Secretary shall expedite and complete ongoing flood and storm damage reduction studies in areas that were impacted by Hurricane Sandy in the North Atlantic Division of the U.S.

So $29.5 Million is earmarked for flood and storm damage reduction studies. With the treasure trove of studies already conducted and paid for relating to storm and flood damage across the country how could we possibly need more studies?

$50 Million for studies sounds like paybacks to institutions for their support of certain candidates – prove me wrong!

This bill places FEMA under the umbrella of the Dept of Homeland Security, why I have no idea, but we find 3 bullet points in the summary sheet one of which we will take a closer look at.

“An increase of $9.7 billion in National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) borrowing authority (FEMA is expected to exhaust current borrowing authority by January 7, 2013)”

Here is a perfect example of a government run insurance company and a couple of fun facts:

1. You have to buy flood insurance from the government.

2. NFIP collects total annual premiums of $1.8 billion (entire U.S.).

3. NFIP holds $527 Billion worth of insured properties (entire U.S.).

4. The payout for Katrina alone was $16 Billion.

5. “The second largest fiscal liability of the U.S. government, behind social security, is the National Flood Insurance Program.”

And they are already broke. That’s what the $9.7 Billion is for and what the House will vote on; they have no money to pay out.

There is a long list of other pork projects included in this bill.

Even if half of this money was legitimately needed, there should be scrutiny and accountability to go along with it, but there won’t be.

Katrina was a perfect example; before the hurricane devastated New Orleans the Federal government allocated funding to sure-up the levy system around New Orleans, the money was re-directed by the state and local officials to repair locks and other projects.

Katrina came, the levies failed, the rest is history.

In a rush to help money was given away to victims by the truck load, very soon it was discovered the “victims” were living better than ever, with more money than ever, and fraud was the name of the game.

Years later, those who received money they were not entitled to were given a free-pass by President Obama – If you made less than $90,000 a year just keep the money.

Why would we expect anything different this time around?

Pork packing a bill is nothing less than a sign of laziness on the part of our Legislators. Instead of doing the work and individually addressing legislation as it should be, they take the lazy way out.

Let’s start with $20 Billion that will cover the funds needed by NFIP, the requested monies by the Corps of Engineers, the emergency repairs, with funds left over.

bureaucratsThen force the legislators to do their jobs – with full accountability.

Hurricane Sandy Pork Bill

When you consider the enormity of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy its apparent the cost of restoration will be large and you want to help those whose lives were basically turned upside down, physically and financially.

We also expect our government to assist physically and financially, that is one reason we pay taxes (some of us anyway) so those in need have the resources necessary when a disaster strikes.

We want those funds available and a plan in place to put those funds to work without delay. What we don’t want is to rush to spend, wasting those funds. But waste is exactly what is going on with the relief bill for Hurricane Sandy victims.

You would have thought that we gained some insight in how to plan, manage, dispense, and account for the funds spent for disaster recovery given the history of such events, but alas it seems we have learned little if anything and the Hurricane Sandy relief bill is an example of that failure.

The bill itself, while well meaning, is criminal since so many expenditures listed are not related to Hurricane Sandy at all. Criminal in the sense that those people and areas so desperate for financial help will be deprived because of the waste packed in this bill.

An examination of this bill reveals allocations that are unnecessary, many which could be postponed, and some border on ridiculous.

Looking at some of these allocations, which are grouped according to department, you don’t have to read very long before you begin to question the allocation of funds.

First section – Agriculture Department;

‘‘Emergency Forest Restoration Program’’ (pg2 line 17) – $58,855,000, to remain available until expended, of which $49,010,000 is for expenses resulting from a major disaster.

And just what is the EFRP? EFRP provides payments to eligible owners of non-industrial private forest (NIPF) land to carry out emergency measures to restore land damaged by a natural disaster.

Really? $49 Million for private forest land restoration? I’m sure there are tree farmers and tree huggers who would argue the legitimacy of this funding but the timing couldn’t be worse.

Isn’t this something that could wait to be addressed at a later time or couldn’t this funding be put to better use in the wake of Sandy? On a comparative note; $15 million allocated for food yet $49 million for trees on private land?

Next up; ‘‘Emergency Watershed Protection Program’’ (pg3 line 6), –$125,055,000, to remain available until expended, of which $77,085,000 is for expenses resulting from a major disaster.

The EWPP is defined as a department to help communities address emergency watershed impairments that pose imminent threats to lives and property either through erosion or natural disaster.

Two things to bear in mind are one; the work this agency does is temporary in nature and two; they operate under the Department of Agriculture. Why not under the Army corps of engineers? They are the ones who are going to be involved in the permanent projects of this nature so why not be efficient and get them on the same game plan?

You will see later in the bill the Corps of Engineers funding is $5.3 billion, so why the $125 million for temporary measures?


This whole expenditure deserves severe scrutiny, but I want to focus on just 3 points.

1. $150,000,000, for necessary expenses related to fishery disasters as declared by the Secretary of Commerce in calendar year 2012:(pg. 5 line 14) Here is an attempt to address the entire loss for all fishery disasters for 2012.

You would be hard pressed to convince me there was $150 Million worth of uninsured fishery losses in 2012 much less related to Hurricane Sandy. Here is one of those expenditures which could be cut to realistic levels and/or addressed at a later time.

2. $197,000,000 to evaluate, stabilize and restore coastal ecosystems affected by Hurricane Sandy ;( pg.5 line 6). First isn’t that what the EWPP is supposed to do?

Secondly, how in the world do you arrive at that figure? Did someone just fly over the affected area and guess? If you consider the governments past spending habits it will probably wind up at three times that amount so why not get a handle on this before the money is spent.

There is a major departmental overlap as well, when you consider that  $47 Million of that is destined for “the Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program to support State and local restoration in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy;” (pg. 6 line 5).

I think some very detailed investigation needs to go into this before any checks are written.

3. $44,500,000 for repairs and upgrades to NOAA hurricane reconnaissance aircraft ;(pg. 6 line 12). Here is another expenditure while may be needed, surely it is not needed at this time and should be addressed at a later time when the disaster caused by Sandy is under control.

Why is it we have legislators that rush to spend? Is it because they are so concerned about their public image they are afraid to take the time to do the right thing instead of just the immediate thing?

Is it because they are to lazy to do the work required to find out what is needed (exactly) and how much is needed to repair the damage?

Why do they feel compelled to pack a bill with items not directly related to a bills original purpose?

Maybe if it was their money and not our money a little more scrutiny would be employed?

This relief bill needs a closer look.