Where Have All The ISIS Toyota Videos Gone?

isistoyota2In October of this year this question came up again; “How did ISIS get so many Toyotas?”

Yeah, exactly how did ISIS get so many vehicles?

When Toyota was asked this same question they responded in typical corporate gibberish; stating “Toyota does not know how ISIS obtained the vehicles.” Adding “Toyota has a strict policy to not sell vehicles to potential purchasers who may use or modify them for paramilitary or terrorist activities,” this according to Ed Lewis, Toyota’s Washington-based director of public policy & communications.

Or Toyota’s version of Josh Earnest.

Journalistic investigations revealed 43 of those Toyotas were supplied by the U.S. State Dept.

Imagine that!

Those 43 were intended for the Syrian moderate Rebels (you know the guys we weren’t backing, even though we were).

Another article revealed that some 800 Toyotas were missing from Sydney Australia. Missing? You mean stolen? From one place or randomly?

It’s hard to believe hundreds of Toyotas were stolen in Sydney Australia, shipped to the Middle East, and wound up in the hands of ISIS, without red flags going up all over. Good to know the thieves showed the good judgement in stealing only white and black Toyota trucks, don’t you think.

Would it be too simple to just surmise “Japan makes Toyotas, imports all of its oil, ISIS has oil money to spend on vehicles, so why not spend it on Toyotas?”


It wouldn’t be the first time corporations placed profits about ethics and then lied about it.

But that’s not the question, nor the point of this article.

The question is: Why have the images of ISIS fighters in caravans of isistoyotanew Toyotas suddenly become so scarce?

You can bet the media didn’t stop posting ISIS fighters in fleets of Toyotas out of some form of corporate compassion.

No, I smell money in all of this. Major money. Political favor money.

The cost of influencing the suppression of the photos and videos of ISIS fighters in Toyota trucks would be cheaper than marketing a campaign to repair the damage done by the continual link between ISIS and Toyota. Toyota would be willing to pay to have the videos suppressed, but who could or did they pay?

Toyota has been accused of everything from environmental fraud to union busting, so it wouldn’t be inconceivable for Toyota to buy its way out of this public relations nightmare.

If Toyota ‘greased palms’ to put the kybosh on showing ISIS fighters in Toyotas, whose palms got greased?

The list of suspects is not that long: Every major news outlet; NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSN, and of course our friends at the U.S. government, whose relationship to the media is tighter than spandex on a fat woman.

It may be impossible to prove anyone in the government had their palms greased by Toyota, but – the investigation into the ISIS Toyota phenomenon is being conducted by the Terror Financing unit of the U.S. Treasury Department, and we have yet to see any results of this ‘investigation.’

Any inquiry about the progress of the investigation would likely yield this stock answer “The U.S. Treasury Department will not comment publicly about possible engagement with specific private companies.”

When did the investigation begin? We don’t know, but the images of ISIS driving around in Toyota trucks has been circulating for a couple of years now.

Another possibility  is the media heads cutting deals directly with Toyota. But this far-fetched assumption would border on ‘tin-foil’ hat conspiracy levels, so it’s not likely. Too many players would have to be involved to keep this on the q.t.

The most probable answer is pressure brought on the media by the Obama Admin to suppress the images. Fewer people involved, easier to keep quiet.But why would they?

According to Toyota’s website, Toyota has donated $700 million to nonprofits in the U.S. That’s a lot of money to be dispersed, and for a favor or 2 involving the suppressing of certain videos, Toyota could see its way clear to respond positively to guidance on where some of this $700 million could be best invested.

Not to mention the additional benefit of avoiding more public scrutiny when the images of fleets of new Toyota trucks driven by ISIS fighters are constantly playing while the administration is telling the public “we have ISIS on the run.”

So while the Treasury department investigates, Toyota claims ignorance, the media stops showing images of ISIS caravans of new Toyotas, my question remains unanswered. Or does it?

This is an illustration of political manipulation of the media at work. And perhaps those in the best position of answering my question don’t want to.

Everyone is happy; the videos are suppressed, monies have been dutifully directed, and no one is the wiser. Or at least that’s what the players in this little scheme hope.

Personally, I would rather watch videos of ISIS Toyota convoys being bombed and strafed than airstrike video of buildings being blown up.

Obama Talks About Another Government Shutdown

Today President Obama, before flying off to Nashville where he is scheduled to make a speech on immigration, he took the time to address the Senior Leaders of the Federal workforce. The contents of the speech are the normal political rhetoric we have become all too familiar with from this president, but there are a couple of sections of this speech that caught my attention and I would like to expound on them.

The first addresses a couple of conditions which don’t exist – yet.

“You work under tough circumstances, whether it’s sequestration, pay freeze, shutdown, and, more importantly, a political climate where folks too often talk down government for cheap applause.”

Bear in mind President Obama is not addressing members of the military, or any Federal Law enforcement agency, he is talking to the other Federal Employees- for the most part non-essential Federal Employees. But this didn’t keep Obama from emphasizing non-existent conditions.

The first one, good for a laugh “You work under tough circumstances.” What tough circumstances? They had to cut back on postage? Or travel? I know of very few people who wouldn’t gladly swap their private sector paycheck and benefits package with these Senior Federal Employees. Of course, those in the audience certainly agreed with the president’s assessment of their exaggerated plight.

The second point “whether it’s sequestration.” The President is referring to the Budget Control act of 2011, which he himself signed into law. It was a last resort agreement when the Democrats and President Obama realized they were not going to get to spend as much as they wanted and a government shutdown loomed (non-essential services only). The military, Social Security, all forms of Welfare would continue as they were excluded from the sequestration. As well as the salaries of all the elected officials, the cabinet, and the President himself.

But that was 2011. In 2013 some of those predetermined cuts took place. Ironically no one who attended this speech took a pay cut, or a benefit cut. Not one cent. And after the agreement was reached and the bill signed everyone got back pay. With interest. Yet here’s Obama saying “ You work under tough circumstances, whether it’s sequestration, pay freeze, shutdown.”

Here is an article giving a brief synopsis of the 2011 act and the effects in 2013.

I cannot help but suspect Obama expects, or wants there to be another shutdown. He is a gifted orator often telling people (he likes the word folks when he is in full narcissistic mode) what he’s not going to do, and then do it anyway. Or quickly passing blame to the Republicans, when it’s his fault. Barking about what’s ‘fair’ as if he’s the only one qualified to determine the definition.

So I question if another government shutdown is coming. Since the dead-beats in the Democratic controlled Senate have not passed an Annual Federal Budget since Obama has been in office, and they are going to lose control of the Senate in January 2015, there exists a small problem. A problem that came to light when the Democrats lost control of the Senate in the November elections. They only have enough money under the current Continuing Resolution to fund the government until February 2015.

Obama knows this. He also knows a Republican led Senate is not going to allow him to keep operating on continuing resolutions. He is going to have to present a budget next year, and the Republicans are going to make cuts to that budget which Obama is not going to like.

So Obama is hoping to extend the current continuing resolution until September 2015, so he can burn up the nation credit card for another 9 months. The Republicans are not going to want to let him do this, so a fight is coming, possibly a shutdown. President Obama wants to fore-warn everyone its coming, it’s not his fault, and he wants to empathize with all the poor Senior Federal Leaders who might have their paychecks delayed a couple of weeks.

Lastly “and, more importantly, a political climate where folks too often talk down government for cheap applause.” How in the hell does this statement have any effect on anyone in this audience? Are they going to get their feelings hurt? And if so, tough. No this is directed at us, the voters, who are fed up with lies and failure.

President Obama, along with the other progressive democrats, has created this very climate. People today have less trust in this administration than any previous administration at any time in recent history. This has been the least transparent administration I can remember.

We have a Narcissistic President, who has surrounded himself with the most liberal, lying, conniving bunch of incompetents in history. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, sitting on his hands, refusing to pass any legislation, and refusing to call the Obama’s hand on anything, has allowed this President to virtually rule this country by decree.

So yes, the vast majority of Americans are often “talking down” this administration and their total lack of leadership. The Progressives are beating the drum of immigration amnesty, now six years after the fact. Obama and the progressive democrats had total control of the government for the first two years of his presidency. Did he try to pass immigration reform then? No! Why not? Because he doesn’t care about anyone or anything except buying votes. 6 years later most hard-working middle-class Americans know this to be true and they rightfully “talk down government.”

Americans in the private sector want jobs, full time jobs, to support themselves and their families. But what have they got after 6 years of Obama? Part time jobs, lower pay, no retirement, and a half-assed medical insurance plan, which is little more than expanded Medicaid with premiums, so yes, the public is “talking down government.”

Americans died on Benghazi because of incompetence and the public lied to when the attack was blamed on a video hardly anyone even heard about. So yes, Americans knew this, and they rightfully “talk down government.”

5 Taliban leaders, freed from Gitmo, in an exchange for 1 American traitor named Bergdahl. So yes, Americans knew this, and they rightfully “talk down government.”

Dozens of other actions just like these have created an atmosphere where the people are fed up, and they rightfully “talk down government.” But not any government. This government. This administration.

The stage is being set for another short term budget battle. Another last spending spree, a possible government shut down, and another it’s-not-my-fault episode, brought to you by Barack Obama and his Progressive posse’.

@8:00 pm I’ve had to add to this post, because Speaker John Boehner (cave-in Boehner) has agreed to extend the CR to fund the govt until Sept of 2015 at a cost of $1.1 Trillion. He and the rest of the RINO’s who agreed to this are worthless and no longer represent the people.

No Action On Sergeant Andrew Tahmorressi Says White House

A petition signed by over 134,000 people submitted on the White House’s We-The-People-Website finally garnered a response, an unwelcome one to be sure. The White House’s response implies they are going to take a wait-and-see approach:

The response “The U.S. State Department continues to provide extensive consular assistance to Mr. Tahmorressi, and will do so until his case is resolved,” indicates a bureaucratic brushoff. While no one should expect an armed incursion to return Sergeant Tahmorressi, this response does not bode well as adequate treatment for a veteran of two foreign wars.

Meanwhile, as of today, Andrew Tahmorressi is still incarcerated. This story began in Late March of this year.

On March 31st Sgt. Andrew Tahmorressi was arrested At Tijuana’s El Chaparral Port of Entry for illegal possession of firearms. He missed the last exit before arriving at the border crossing ‘’while driving to meet friends to eat Mexican food in San Ysidro,” Tahmorressi said.

Tahmorressi further stated ”he tried to stop at the automatic crossing gates, but was waved through, and then guided to an inspection area.”

They say (Mexican officials), ‘What have you got back there?’ I said, ‘A whole lot of stuff and three guns.’ I said, ‘I didn’t even mean to be in Mexico.’

He was soon surrounded by soldiers and civilian law enforcement officers, and taken into federal custody.

As it turns out, this situation is not all that uncommon. According to The U.S. State Dept. other U.S. citizens have faced arrest for unintentionally violating Mexico’s weapons policy.

Tahmorressi served four years in the Marines, including two tours in Afghanistan, became a section leader and had been promoted to sergeant by the time he was discharged honorably in November 2012.

Recently California Senator Joel Anderson(R) has refused to attend a dinner honoring Mexican President Pena Nieto, stating “I do not have an appetite for foreign officials who deny U.S. citizens their basic human rights.”   “I am concerned that our military would feel betrayed if it appeared we condoned the harsh and unfair treatment of Sgt. Andrew Tahmorressi.”

‘’We believe the evidence supports Andrew’s claim that he mistakenly entered into Mexico,” wrote the congressmen. ”One of the most compelling pieces of evidence is a 911 call Andrew made at the border checkpoint, where he stated he was unaware of his location.”

Looking at this photo one could see how missing the last exit could happen as only a portion of the signage is in English.


It may seem easy to decipher to those who live in the area, but to me, one who has never been there, it would be quite confusing.

Secretary of State John Kerry has had conversations with Mexican Officials regarding Tahmorressi, but the content and progress of those conversations are not known.

While these talks will hopefully continue, President Obama has yet to mention Sgt. Andrew Tahmorressi’s name in public, much less taken questions concerning the jailed marine.

There are websites, beside the official government petition website, collecting signatures demanding the release of Tahmorressi and a couple of Facebook pages.

Sgt Andrew Tahmorressi remains in Mexican custody as of this date. And though thousands of Mexicans enter this country illegally every year, Mexican President Pena Nieto has refused to release Tahmorressi.

And the White House has done little to help this veteran.

IRS Ordered To Pay A $50,000 Fine

irsIn a decision known as a consent judgment, the IRS agreed to pay $50,000 for violating privacy laws, leaking confidential documents to a homosexual activist. Hailed as a victory by National Organization for Marriage over the IRS is for the average tax payer nothing more than a joke.

A brief Synopsys of the case is as follows:

An IRS employee (whose name we do not know) gave a copy of NOM’s 2008 tax return to Mattew Meisel (a homosexual activist). Who turned the documents over to Joe Solmonese who posted the return on the Human Rights Campaign website.

The posted tax return listed donations to National Organization for Marriage and who the donors were. One of those donors was Mitt Romney.

The tax return was posted on the Human Rights Campaign website in Feb 2012. As you should recall, this was election year. The campaign between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama was in full swing and still up in the air. Too-close-to-call indicated by polling data available at that time.

The information posted was designed to show Mr. Romney as someone who was not only rich, but was against Human Rights. The Human Rights Campaign organization has little to do with ‘human rights,’ but everything to do with homosexual marriage. NOM’s position on homosexual marriage was the polar opposite of the Human Rights Campaign.

As a Side Note: I smell David Axelrod (the master of character assassination) in all of this, but that is off the subject at hand.

During the proceedings Mathew Meisel pleaded the 5th refusing to disclose the name of the IRS employee who handed over the information. Where have we heard that before?

Of further suspicion: HRC’s president at the time, Joe Solmonese, miraculously was selected to be Barack Obama’s nation re-election co chairman the exact same month; Feb 2012. (“Not a smidgen of corruption” here) right?

Disclosure of private documents, by a government institution entrusted with the financial information of every tax-paying American, cannot be tolerated, much less be allowed to act without consequence.

While progressive’s turn their heads declaring this to be a Republican witch-hunt, they willingly compromise the privacy of everyone. It would be fair to suggest progressives might see things in a different light if these same events took place during the Bush election year, and the Republicans were the recipients of this same type of information used to discredit their opponents?

Allowing this type of partiality to take place, from either side of the isle, can only lead to an eventual social dictatorship, where no civil rights are sacred. And we are approaching that state of affairs rapidly.

The secondary results of this case are the real meat and potatoes of the problem.

1. The IRS was defended by the Justice Department.

Since when did the Department Of Justice become a defender of the offender?

The mission statement of the DOJ is “To enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law; to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic; to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; to seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.”

Defending a government agency engaged in illegal acts does not fall within its designated purpose. They should be investigating and seeking prosecution of those involved in these illegal acts, not defending them.

2. Yet another IRS official escapes any accountability for violating the law. And the person who has direct contact with the guilty IRS employee claims the 5th without consequence, even benefiting from violation of the law.

3. The court approved the settlement (the admission of guilt) forcing the IRS to pay a $50,000 fine.

Where did the $50,000 come from? Well it came from government funds most would say, and they would be correct. But where does the government get its funding? From the taxpayers. Governments do not have their own money, they don’t make money. They only spend money – money they collect by force from the citizenry.

Our $50,000 is being paid to an individual organization because an employee or employees of the IRS violated the law. On whom does the consequence of this action fall?

On the IRS? The IRS is still the IRS. It’s still in business. It still operating just like it did yesterday, last week, and last month. So what consequence fell on them…none?

Was any employee of the IRS fired as the result of this violation of trust and law? No. So the consequence for the violation of law on any IRS employee was….nothing!

So who did pay the price for this violation of trust and law? The American taxpayer. We suffered the consequences of the actions of one or more IRS employees.

The IRS paid out $50,000 of our money because of the actions of their employees. Our money, not theirs…ours.

4. If justice is to be done, then a full scale investigation should begin to ascertain the guilty party, and or parties involved. But Since the DOJ positioned itself as a defender of the IRS how can they possibly initiate an investigation of their defendant? Cute trick don’t you think. Making the DOJ as guilty as the IRS!

If discovered, the employee or employees, should be fired. Fired without benefits, firing someone and allowing the guilty to keep their paychecks and benefits is not justice..

If the guilty employee cannot be determined, then everyone in the department that had access to such records or even the entire office involved should pay the $50,000 out of their pockets. If there are 1,000 employees with potential access or involvement, then they each pay $50. If its 100, then they each pay $500.

Before you shout “That’s not fair!” let me ask you “is it fair that I or you pay for it?” Because that’s exactly what has happened. Our tax money is being paid out because and IRS employee (or employees) broke the law.

The IRS is an out-of-control government agency, which does what it wants without fear of consequence. The same agency wields the power to literally destroy people’s lives through control of their finances and personal information. Information which could easily be used by those of ill intensions, to defame others. Which is exactly what happened in this case

This type of government coercion is exactly what the founding fathers wanted to prevent when they penned the Constitution. It is the same type of coercion the current progressive administration is using to control the populace: fear and intimidation.

Who can afford to do battle with the IRS when the IRS has unlimited funding to finance their efforts?

Who can afford to challenge the IRS in court when the IRS has the ability to freeze bank accounts, impose garnishments on wages, seize and sell private property?

512px-SS-hauptsturmführer2The IRS has become the SS of this progressive administration, answering to no one expect those who are in a position to grant immunity and political favors. Completely immune from consequence in any action. Anyone who opposes this progressive administration – sic the IRS on them.

If you think you are immune from intimidation and coercion by the IRS you are wrong. It could very easily be you who is selected from the next IRS lottery of random selection. It could be you who is hated by an employee of the IRS.

The IRS is the head of the snake, and it’s time to kill it. It’s time to defund it.

The pundits of the left all laughed and sneered at Sarah Palins warning of Obamacare as possessing the ability to impose death panels, but isn’t it a fact the IRS has the power to kill anyone financially?

The IRS has become a secrete and evil master, demanding they be left alone, warning you, by their actions, not to draw attention to yourself by challenging their authority, or you will suffer the consequences, with modus operandi much like the SS of Germany in the 30’s.



Bitcoin, The IRS Has A New Way To Tax

 bitcoinIn an all-out effort to get-in-on-the-action as it were, the IRS has decided they would gladly tax Bitcoins as assets. Up until this point the media and the government down-played Bitcoin as little more than a foolish investment.

Our government, with its ever growing desire for tax revenue, has decided to classify the currency known as Bitcoin as an asset.

By classifying Bitcoin as an asset, the IRS has legitimized Bitcoin’s existence. This could have far- reaching implications. Being classified as an asset by the IRS, investors are able to offset tax liabilities with loses they may incur by buying and selling Bitcoins the same way investors in the stock market could. They also could incur additional taxes by any financial gains realized by their sale.

This classification should leave one a little concerned; while stocks, even though some consider stock investment little more than gambling, are at least tied to a real company. Bitcoin is quite different.

Bitcoin began as virtual money, not backed by any government or based on any real property. It was used like money, but only to the point of being used as a medium to trade goods and services online. Was this virtual currency created to avoid taxes for online purchases? Of course it was. It was a lot like an online swap meet.

Then Bitcoin became real, real coins made of real metal, mined and minted, bought and sold. There are horror stories connected to the mining of the metal used to mint the coins, but that’s another story.

The plot thickens. The IRS has also decided that if you receive wages in Bitcoin, that they are taxed at fair market value. Fair market value as determined by whom? And is the fair market value determined at the time you get paid or at the end of the year? The IRS has stated the value is determined at time of payment. And how will accurate records be kept for that?

Is Bitcoin a currency or an asset? When was the last time your wages were paid with an asset? To be considered legal tender, currency, used as a purchase medium, must be backed by a nation’s government. Now the rules have changed it seems. You can be paid with an asset – but will that require you to pay Social Security and Medicare out of those asset wages or just Federal taxes?

I do think that people should be able to trade goods or services of agreed equal worth without having to pay any taxes on such transactions, as long as currency is not used, and that was the original intent of Bitcoin. But the all-powerful, out of control IRS has always had trouble dealing with that concept.

I don’t use or own Bitcoin, nor will I.  I’m not for or against Bitcoin. But I do find it interesting a government that is $17 Trillion in debt, is so desperate for tax revenues that it would consider a virtual currency as real. But then again what’s worth more; a Bitcoin or a U.S. Treasury note?

Maybe it’s because the value of one Bitcoin (at the time of this writing) is $586 U.S. Talk about a bubble. Bitcoin was worth around $1 two years ago now it eclipses $580! That’s a whole lot of capital gain, with a whole lot of downside.

We, in the middle class and up, are taxed to death as it is, so what’s next – a tax on hand shakes? The classification of Bitcoin as an asset is the first step in the IRS’s plan to tax every purchase, sale, or trade transaction online. Write it down.

The Flexibility Or Weakness of Obama

Remember this?


This little agreement between President Obama and Vladimir Putin (March 2012) yielded this result a short year later (3/15/2013). Newly elected president Obama pulled the plug on the 4th phase of a missile defense system in Poland.

This was not the first time Obama had canceled missile defense deployment in Europe; the first time was in 2009, during his first year as President.

The first year of both terms the president took the liberty of weakening Europe’s missile defenses. Each time these cancelations took place with little fan-fair, but this time with consequences.

Was the Russian encroachment into Crimea part of the deal that Obama indicated he ‘would have more flexibility’ in? Or was it yet another foreign policy weakness of this administration exposed? Or was it both?

In either event, people’s lives are at risk, and those lives are at risk, in part anyway, because this administration has failed.

So when you hear Obama say this


Do you believe him? Do you think the Russians believe him? Do you think anyone on the world stage believes him?

I doubt it.

Since the primary function of the commander in chief is to protect this nation against any and all enemies, how safe do you feel? It’s one thing to support a president that hands out domestic freebies to his constituents, it’s quite another to support a president who is putting our national security, your life, at risk.


Europe has lost the missile shield; Russia has Edwin Snowden, and will soon install a puppet government in Crimea, all because of the flexibility of this president.

What security have we already lost, and how much more will we lose in the future?

It wasn’t too many years ago that a very popular, and flexible Bill Clinton had the opportunity to collect Osama Bin Laden from a country willing to hand him over.

Clinton ignored the opportunity, perhaps too busy enjoying his domestic popularity and Bin Laden disappeared.

Of course that little mistake culminated in 9/11. 9/11, a day that would mark history with the largest single day loss of American life, eclipsing the loss of American life at Pearl Harbor.

What will the ‘flexibility’ or weakness of this president hold in store for our future security, or lack thereof?


The Progressive Battle Plan For 2014

MWage With elections this year likely to decide control of both the House and the Senate, progressives are busy formulating their battle plan to keep control of at least one of the two houses. Progressives, left with fewer options likely to succeed than in the past, their new plan will be deflection.

The reliance on the President’s oratory skills will not work in 2014 because of Obamacare. On some 27 documented occasions President Obama made the statement “If you like your insurance plan, you can keep it….” That statement has turned out to be a lie: A lie so obvious that many Democrats are distancing themselves from the entire program, fearing for their political futures.

Democrats cannot point to any successes in the last 6 years – Their signature piece of legislation – Obamacare – has turned out to be their biggest problem. They cannot take credit for an economic recovery, for there isn’t one, and it could be factually argued the Obama Administrations’ efforts to stimulate the economy have done more to hinder recovery, than to help it.

The President’s own administration has done damage to the progressive movement. Not in carrying out the progressive agenda, but in their sloppy implementation and oversight of the movement.

The revelation that the IRS was targeting conservative groups is a credibility nightmare for Democrats. Very few people trusted the IRS to begin with, and this last debacle gave every registered voter (except for those on the extreme left) even less reason to trust them.

Couple together a suspicious IRS, charged with administering an unpopular Obamacare, and you have a political hot-rock which no Democrat can handle nor dispose of without political cost.

Then there is Benghazi, a disaster of major proportions in more ways than one, which reeks of obvious political cover up reminiscent of Watergate, but on a more sobering scale. While Watergate centered around a break in and subsequent cover up, in Benghazi 4 men died.

They died because then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was derelict in her duty as Secretary of State to protect and attempt to rescue our men. The cover story the Administration quickly chose not only ruined any future political aspirations of Susan Rice, it was laughable. Blaming a YouTube video that few people ever heard of? What wasn’t laughable was 4 Americans were dead.

The Benghazi tragedy took place while the President was campaigning; an event progressives tried hard to hide. To make matters worse Hillary Clinton testifying before a Congressional hearing over Benghazi last year came off as a politician who just didn’t give a damn.

And people took notice; liberals and conservatives alike. But perhaps more importantly, independents took notice, and perhaps began leaning right.

There are many other failures of this Administration, but those 3 caused so much damage it was like a ship taking 3 torpedoes broadside. Americans are angry, and rightfully so.

Which brings us back to the only tactic the progressives have left to use to try and win in 2014 – deflection. But you have to have something to deflect too: And I am telling you flat out the Progressive mantra this year will be The Minimum Wage.

Hoping for something better or some glimmer of success they could point to, the progressives finally had to make their choice and settle on the minimum wage issue.

While pushing hard against voter ID legislation in key states, wanting to keep things as-is until after 2016, even by their own estimates, they are not going to be able steal enough votes in 2014 to win, so the minimum wage issue is their best hope.

The ads are already running on the internet. The hashtag on Twitter is #RaiseTheWage.

Websites are being created, like this one, so everyone will get aboard the free-ride train.

 Carpet-bagger and wanna-be plantation-owner Keith Maurice Ellison, the U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district is the chosen mouthpiece for this new ‘cause.’

He’s the perfect choice, he’s a minority, has a do-nothing past, and is an arrogant smart-ass. But he will only be the initiator, people will only tolerate a smart-ass for so long, but who will take up the torch?

The usual suspects for the launching of a national campaign are in hiding: Debbie Wasserman Schultz – the progressive attack-dog wasn’t chosen because she is still trying to figure out how to put the Democratic campaign fund back in the black, having emptied the coffers and even going into debt to keep Obama in office in 2012.

VP Biden; who has a talent for idiocy in public speaking, would be a terrible choice, and has recently been pulled of the public speaking tour to prevent further damage.

 So who does that leave to carry the message? My suspicion is it will be Obama himself. I don’t think Hillary will risk doing any more damage to her 2016 presidential run, but Obama still has a debt to pay to the progressive movement, repayment for his 8 years of life in the lime light.

So the plan of deflection is in place, the focus point set – raise the minimum wage – the progressives will try to convince a shrinking middle-class and ever-growing entitlement-class,  they care about them and those mean old conservatives don’t.

The Raise-the-Wage plan is of course just smoke and mirrors, but it will convince a lot of voters to continue voting Democratic.

Can you prove its smoke and mirrors, you ask?  Yes I can.

The EPI (Economic Policy Institute) published a briefing paper entitled “Raising

The Federal Minimum Wage to $10.10 Would Lift Wages for Millions and

Provide a Modest Economic Boost”

In this paper it is estimated that by July 2016 16,718,000 people which currently make less than $10.10 per hour would directly benefit from the Raise the Wage plan. Sounds great, but wait. We are still dealing with government estimates and it does nothing for those 10.2 million unemployed workers.

That is a substantial increase, a 39% increase in fact! Great for that 11% temporarily, but the downside is that much of an increase would directly affect 100% of the workforce by increases in the price of goods and services, even to those who are unemployed.

A minimum wage increase is totally worthless if you can’t find a job. We don’t need an increase in the minimum wage what we need is an increase in the number of jobs.

How many more people will this push out of the workforce? How many more people will this force out of the middle-class into poverty? The CBO estimates the minimum wage increase will cost 500,000 jobs.

Here is just one example of who will be pushed out. minwage3-600x406

The government, this progressive led government, has already made those projections – projections of coming failure!

Smoke and mirrors – Offset by the declaration that there is a stark difference between the minimum wage and a living wage. There is a difference – a difference between a fact and an ideal.

What exactly is a living wage? And how can you set an exact definition of a ‘living wage?’ You cannot, and that is why progressives are using it. As an example; one might surmise a ‘living wage’ was defined as what would be required by someone to have enough money to meet their needs.

Everyone’s  monetary ‘needs’ are different so their definition of a ‘living wage’ would be different making it a moving target – smoke and mirrors.

How do we combat this? Just like you do against any progressive tactic – you use the facts. Progressives cannot stand facts, and you can tell when they are defeated by them.  For they will quickly try to switch the argument to a subjective one, using terms like ‘fair share,’doing what’s right,’compromise,’ and ‘social justice.

Conservatives need to be ready for this mantra and meet it head on; our mantra needs to continue to be the truth – an increase in the minimum wage is worthless if you don’t have a job and this Administration is incapable of putting Americans back to work.

Make a continual effort to revive the dignity of earning a living mentality and attack the progressive nanny-state.

Never underestimate a Progressives ability to deflect the truth and a gullible public’s willingness to accept a lie. We must act fast and not count on the fact that gullible voters will make the right choice. Remember the rise of Nazism in Germany in the 30’s. Most of those people thought they were making the right choice too.

A Nuclear Islam And The Failure Of Investigative Journalism

While it may be totally redundant to say investigative journalism is all but dead, I will say it again: Investigative Journalism is all but dead. But whose fault is it?

As proof of my assertion I offer this small story.

For months, even years, the major media outlets have published and aired stories, warning us of the dangers that would exist if Iran was successful in constructing a working nuclear reactor.

Everyone knows Iran is one of the world’s most vocal enemies of Israel and the United States, and it would be unthinkable for them to have a nuclear reactor; right?

Once Iran’s nuclear reactor is up and running they would conceivably have the ability to design and build a nuclear weapon.

Iran with a functioning nuclear reactor capable of producing the nuclear material required to build a nuclear weapon would represent a clear and present danger to every non-Islamic nation, especially Israel, the sworn enemy of Islam, and the United States whom radical Islam refers to as the “Great Satan.”

I will not dispute any of this as being fact or being newsworthy, for certainly the prospect of an radical Islamic faction in possession of nuclear material, much less a functioning nuclear weapon is chilling, but while the major media focuses on Iran and their pursuit of nuclear power, they have completely ignored, as Paul Harvey would say; ‘the rest of the story.’

For example:

Iran currently has a uranium reserve within its own borders.

 Jordan and Kazakhstan, 2 of Iran’s closest neighbors possess over 12% of the world’s supply of Uranium.

So raw materials are readily available to fuel the reactor.

Iran has possessed nuclear technology since the 1950’s, but Iran’s nuclear ambitions were shelved in the late 70’s After the 1979 revolution, a clandestine nuclear weapons research program was disbanded by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (1902–1989), who considered such weapons forbidden under Muslim ethics and jurisprudence. Only to be resurrected in the 90’s.

The Iranian working nuclear reactor the media declared as unacceptable went online in 2011.

Here is another little tidbit the major media has failed to report regarding nuclear energy and Islam:

Saudi Arabia is planning to build 16 nuclear reactors by 2030.

Anyone hear about that revelation in any major media outlet? Does anyone see a problem with that? While the media focus is on one Islamic country building a single nuclear reactor, it has ignored another Islamic country planning to build 16 of those same nuclear reactors.

Do they have a different form of Islam in Saudi Arabia? Does the Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia differ from the one that represents a threat to Israel and the United States in Iran?

Weren’t most of the 9/11 hijackers from Saudi Arabia?

The point of this article is not to pick a fight with Saudi Arabia, nor is it meant to justify the actions of Iran. It is to point out the failure of the major media to engage in investigative reporting that yields factual news and not just another form of reality television – which is what the news media has become.

There is a Center for Investigative Reporting, a Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Investigative Reporting Workshops, Symposiums, The Journalism Foundation, and Global Journalism Conferences – who knew?

Are there investigative reporters out there doing their job? Certainly, but where are their stories? Where are the results of their investigations? The results of their work are out there, but you have to do a little digging to find it. Investigative Journalism - Twitface

This is just one story, in a sea of stories; major media has failed to report on. We should ask who decides what is and is not newsworthy, and perhaps more importantly – why.

More to come.

Looking At Long Term Unemployment Again

 While we are all focused on the U.S.S. Obamacare dodging more icebergs than the Titanic there is other legislation we need to pay attention to.

Yet another extension of the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program is looming on the horizon. By the end of 2013, if the EUC is not extended an estimated 4.1 Million long term unemployed will lose their unemployment checks.

The EUC program began in June of 2008 when it was realized the housing bubble was about to burst and plunge the U.S. into recession. What began as an emergency and temporary plan soon became the chosen vehicle to extend unemployment benefits to some 11 Million Americans.

The program went through its first major extension in 2009 with the passing of the Stimulus program (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009); which not only extend the benefits, but raised the amount of those benefits by $25 per week for the remainder of 2009. The unemployment benefit portion of the program was eventually stretched through 2010 and those who remained on the program for the duration were commonly referred to as the 99ers because they were able to collect those benefits for 99 weeks.

The term 99ers began to catch the attention of those who were still employed, some of whom were forced to take less lucrative positions to remain employed, and there were complaints. Unemployed for 2 years and unable to find employment was the common question of the time being asked by those who were still working.

Those complaints became a problem for those in power, so our devious government had to figure out a way to keep the checks going out while avoiding explaining yet another extension. So to disguise further extensions and avoid political backlash after the 2011 extension the EUC became part of other programs, never to be publically referred to as EUC again.

As you may or may not recall, unemployment benefit extension became a political football in negotiations between the Democrats and Republicans during debt ceiling debates, so while we were all focused on the outcome of those childish arguments the EUC was extended quietly, with neither side complaining, and the con was complete.

In Feb 2012 the EUC was extended once again, this time under The Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012. While few, if any, jobs were created, the benefits for the long term unemployed were extended, through a series of steps, until Dec 2013.

Over the past four years unemployed Americans have collected $434 billion in unemployment benefits and yet some 4 million long term unemployed remain on the rolls. If the program is extended another year it is estimated the extension would cost between $25 and $40 Billion more (the discrepancy is due to difficulty in estimating exactly how many Americans will come off the roles in the next 12 months).

There are those who think if the benefits are ended it would create more job losses because people on unemployment are more likely to spend the money right away. Nancy Pelosi thinks unemployment checks stimulate the economy (Lord help us). Granted it does create economic activity, however it doesn’t stimulate the economy. Stimulation only occurs if said action creates more jobs and increases productivity, thereby creating more capital.

The only thing unemployment, as well as any other form of welfare does, is take money from those who create wealth and give to those who don’t. This is otherwise known as distribution of wealth. While all welfare was intended to be a short term stop gap to those in need, Liberal administrations never want the programs to end. While short term assistance is a helping hand, long term federal commitment only creates additional drain on those who produce.

Sadly many people in positions to influence economic policy today are from the Kenyan school of economics (those who think distribution of wealth is a good thing). And while I am more understanding of those on unemployment (since workers actually contribute to the unemployment pot)than those on welfare in general,  there has to be a limit on those benefits and 5 years down the road is long enough. unemploymentEmbed

Many people will just not put forth the effort to better themselves until they are forced to, maybe the discontinuation of this program is just the motivation they need to get off the duff and start contributing. And before you begin full scale lamentations over those poor unemployed soles consider the fact the current plan is not working and the $17 Trillion National Debt is the proof.

Let’s not allow Congress to kick this can down the road any further, and they will if we are lax in paying attention to their trick of tucking known programs into newly named ones.

Obama: M.I.A.

Have you ever had the feeling something was missing out of your daily activity, but couldn’t put your finger on exactly what it was?

The last few days I’ve had the feeling something was missing. Nothing big, no major events, family seemed normal, things at work seem usual, but something was different.

I guess it happens to all of us who have busy lives and similar day-in day-out routines; let’s face it most of our life is routine.

I struggled with it most of the day yesterday, on my day off no less. As I contemplated the possibilities in my mind I began constructing checklists of things that I did and didn’t do thinking there was a chore I forgot to complete. No, that wasn’t it.

Was I supposed to be somewhere? Nothing came to mind. Maybe it was a TV show that I was planning on watching and missed the start time. No, not that either.

I was finally forced to shelve the continual list checking in my mind, because by this time I was mentally tired, and decided to console myself with the thought ‘it must not have been too important or I would have remembered it, or if it was, I’d think of it latter.’

My mental consolation began to wear off and I resumed feeling that something was amiss. I called a few people and text-ed a couple of more thinking chit-chat may jog my memory, or even provide a clue to what I overlooked, but it didn’t work.

The day was close to over and suppertime had passed, but I had an hour or so of idle time so I surfed through the TV channels looking for something to watch, nothing really captivated my attention for more than a few minutes, so I decided to call it a day, go to bed and read for a little while. I finally went to sleep with the matter unresolved.

The next morning, I woke up, moved right into my morning routine; a cup of coffee, get ready for work, drink another half a cup of coffee while watching the news;  Maybe something important happened , it was on the news and I missed it, no, nothing earth-shattering  in the few minutes I was able to watch.

Off to work. About half way to work it hit me like a revelation, I knew exactly what it was that I was missing, but I wasn’t missing anything personally, but something I was used to seeing was missing the last few days and it was just enough to make an annoying difference.

Barack Obama had not made any grandiose speeches the last few days; in fact Obama was conspicuously missing from the news. Oh, his name was being mentioned, Jay Carney was giving his usual daily question and answer avoidance. But Obama’s televised  appearances were far and few.

The progressives were defending their Fuerer’s healthcare dog, and the Republicans were busying themselves with attacks, and I-told-you-sos about the ACA (Affordable Care Act), meanwhile President Obama was only seen in a well-rehearsed dog and pony show in the Rose garden with a handful of carefully chosen supporters who were in support of the ACA (bet it took a while for the Obama Administration to find that many).

Missing were the Obama speeches bragging about his accomplishments, missing were the Obama appearances on The Tonight Show, Late Night, and Oprah Winfrey.

Missing were the Air Force One trips to dedicate another government funded, but failing, enterprise somewhere in the country.

No President Obama prancing up and down the steps of Air Force One, no vacations, no golf.

Holy cow, Obama was MIA. obama hiding

This had never happened before, so what changed?

This time it was bad, and there was no escape. The ACA website was a total and complete failure and the public would not settle for a scape goat this time, Kathleen Sebelius could have been burned at the stake (which isn’t a bad idea) and it would not be enough to explain away what a failure the ACA website was.

Obama’s signature legislation, his crowning achievement, his legacy, was going down in flames faster than the Red Barron, and no amount of oratory skill could save Obama and he knew it, so he went into hiding, just like the non-leader he is.

The Presidents own supporters, the major news outlets, even TV comedians joke about how bad the ACA website is. When the Progressives try and turn epic failure into comedy you know things are for Obama.

Three years of preparation and $650 Million for a website that fails the first day is a failure of conception and execution without excuse. And the website continues to fail as I am writing this.

However that is not the worst of it, the number of people who have enrolled in ACA has been so far below the projected target the Obama Administration is scrambling to hide the actual numbers.

Just as embarrassing is the number of those who have publicly turned against Obamacare, realizing they been lied to about the individual cost of this program. Not to mention the “you can keep your insurance and your doctor if you want to” sales point presentation.

If the failure of the ACA website is truly only the tip of the iceberg of a larger yet hidden disaster, then Obama may be in hiding for the remainder of his term.

Yes I discovered what was missing from my daily routine, it was Obama in all of his arrogant narcissistic glory making his daily ‘look at me, I’m so great’ speeches.

For me, the failure of the ACA website could be considered a good thing, if the only thing it does is continue to keep Obama off television every day, but alas it is not the only thing. Even if Obama and the Progressives came to their senses and decided to scrap ACA today, we would have wasted $Billions.

In the end I solved my mystery, but sadly it was a short lived victory when I began to recall what a terrible example of Leadership this president displays every day, and what a terrible piece of legislation the ACA is.