What Happened…………………..in Alabama

Now that the special election is over and the vote certified, it’s time to take a look back and see how Democrat Doug Jones was elected. There were three major factors which determined the outcome.

But before we discuss what this election was, let’s discuss what it wasn’t.

It wasn’t an indication of Alabamians displeasure with Trump.

It wasn’t a repudiation of Trump’s policies.

It wasn’t a message to the GOP.

It wasn’t a democratic comeback, a ‘shocker,’ ‘tsunami,’ ‘bombshell,’ or any other adjective the Liberal media chooses in describing Doug Jones’s victory.

What it was – what happened in Alabama, was dirty, liberal politics, carefully orchestrated by career politicians, or should I say government plantation owners, in Washington D.C.

Liberal leadership knows by its very political nature, and practices; “he who pays is boss, and he who receives owes.” 1
A concept Conservatives can’t seem to grasp the fundamental importance of. The Conservative mindset ignores this reality because they don’t live in perpetual debt to the government, and assumes, to their own demise, no one else would want to either. How wrong they are.

Liberals chose to go all in in Alabama because they saw a chance to defeat a weak Republican candidate in Roy Moore. Moore’s weakness was amplified at the hand of fellow Republicans. Had Mitch McConnell kept his mouth shut, and Luther Strange emerged as the Republican candidate to replace Jeff Sessions, Doug Jones wouldn’t have stood a chance, and the Liberals wouldn’t have wasted $12 Million on an election good only until November 2018.

But we all witnessed the outcome of that blunder by the GOP. It seemed the GOP couldn’t help themselves, they just had to continue to screw things up by helping. Mitch McConnell’s influence, a terrible candidate in Roy Moore, brandishing a pistol at a campaign rally and riding a horse to the polling place resulted in a total failure endorsing a total clown.

The coup d’état came at the hand, or mouth of, Senator Richard Shelby encouraging Republicans to write in a candidate rather than voting for Moore – what the hell were you thinking? That act of stupidity created an amount of write-ins almost equal to the spread between the two candidates.

A relatively new activity did come into play in the Alabama special election, and in essence may be a trial balloon, measuring potential for use in future elections nationwide. It was overlooked by most, but it was the first time I recall seeing the Washington DC media directly attacking a candidate in a state election using a story without local origin.

Most derogatory news stories about candidates originate in the state or local of the candidate, then progress to the national stage. Not so with candidate Roy Moore. The attack on Roy Moore came straight from one of the swamp’s mouthpieces – The Washington Post.

It was a brilliant plan. Riding the wave of the popularity of the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse accusations, the Democrats found a way to level the same charges against an unsuspecting Roy Moore. His accusers didn’t go to any local news outlet that I’m aware of, to tell their story of sexual abuse at the hand of Roy Moore. No it went to and came directly from Washington. The Swamp.

Ironic isn’t it: the willful, two-faced lifestyles of Liberals. Harvey Weinstein, beloved Democrat, and staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, is just one of dozens of liberal party sexual degenerates whose sexual activities are overlooked, or flat out given a pass as long as they are party loyal and have some use. It would be redundant to list the names of whom I am referring to, for you know who they are.

The Democrats employed, as I mentioned in my last article, Gloria Allred to ensure Moore’s accusers would get to tell their story on the national stage.
Are their accusations true? At this point, we do not know, true or not, their accusations have already served their purpose. Roy Moore, in the eyes of enough voters in Alabama, thought he was just another Harvey Weinstein. Their 40 year old accusations against Moore cannot be proved or disproved; perfect ammunition against a weak candidate at the right time.

The second thing that happened in securing a Doug Jones victory was motivating the black vote. The responsibility of this ‘get-out-the-black-vote’ effort fell to Congresswoman Terry Sewell. Alabama’s 7th District’s representative, my representative.

Terry Sewell, a congresswoman who ignorantly stated while campaigning ‘healthcare was a right,’ secured her current seat in congress by 2 qualifications: 1, she’s a well-spoken black woman in a minority district, and 2, she was Michelle Obama’s college roommate.

She would be assisted in her efforts by $12 Million in Democratic campaign funding, most of which came from an org (hiway31.org) which by law doesn’t have to disclose its donors names until well after the election, a well-known local black celebrity in Charles Barkley, and a black senator from New Jersey, Cory Booker.

Charles Barkley is a true attention whore, who plays both sides of the fence when it comes to black politics, but is much admired by the black community and therefore influential when it comes to swaying the black vote.

Cory Booker, is just a plain political whore, who puts out exactly what and when the swamp tells him to put out. It was nauseating listening to Booker stump for Jones, babbling on about his ties to Alabama, and what he personally owed to Alabama, all of which was nonsense, but the target audience ate it up.

Congresswoman Terry Sewell assumed her role as job boss, making sure the blacks on the government plantation voted for the party who ‘pays,’ and reminded them who they ‘owe.’ They owe the political party or any politician who will protect their government subsidies. She did her job well. Doug Jones secured 98% of the black female vote and 93% of the black male vote.
In short; the second deciding factor in the outcome of the Alabama special election was the expansion, and whip cracking of the members of the government plantation.

Least you think this is exaggeration on my part, it may interest you to know as of 2017 there are more than 800,000 Alabamians receiving some form government benefits. So you tell me how likely it is the slaves on the government plantation, will voluntarily get off the government dole.

And yes, I’m well aware white people are on the government’s plantation. But as any good accountant will tell you it’s the percentages, not the numbers you need to be concerned about.

Meanwhile the white voters (and the remaining black voters) were undecided in their vote. Alabamians still being largely religious were torn between the accusations against Moore and their religious beliefs, creating a crisis of conscience. What good Christian wouldn’t be concerned about voting for an adult married man possibly guilty of making unwanted sexual advances towards teen age girls?

So there you have it.

What happened in Alabama?

1st. Dirty politics orchestrated directly from Washington. A trend that I think will continue in the future. Think of it as a political violation of states’ rights by federal media intervention.

2nd. A terrible GOP candidate.

3rd. And effective motivation of the government slave population by reminding them “he who pays is boss, and he who receives owes.”

There are those Liberals who will say I cannot prove my conclusions, even though I think they are fairly self-evident. To them, I will use one of their favorite defenses in response: “you cannot disprove them either.”


1 Colonel Boris Yakovlevich Bukov (a soviet spy in the U.S. from 1937 – 1939)

Political sex-slinging in Alabama


Since Alabama has garnered national attention over the Dec 12th special election, and since Roy Moore has already been convicted in the court of public opinion, I thought as a resident of the great state of Alabama I would give you a report from inside the state.

First, let’s back up a little and follow the timeline, the players, and the plan.

Summertime 2017, its primary season.

Mo Brooks, Luther Strange and Roy Moore are battling to be the Republican nominee for the special election on Dec 12th to fill the senate seat Jeff Sessions vacated when he became attorney general.

The 3 choices:

Mo Brooks – who cares he wasn’t going to win.

Luther Strange – a good guy and probably would be pretty good senator for the people of Alabama and current temporary fill in for Sessions. But a little too establishment. You know a good ole boy.

Roy Moore – Quite a character. Radical would be an understatement. Moore is well respected in this state for his stance against Gay marriage and his fight to keep the 10 commandments in the court room, which cost him his judgeship. A major anti-swamper.

As expected Mo Brooks was blown out in the 3 way run off, then there were 2.

A runoff that should have gone to Luther Strange. And probably would have, but then came the McConnell Trump endorsement. That turned out to be the kiss of death for Luther. Not because of President Trump but because of McConnell.

Mitch McConnell is the swamp, he is hated, and I mean hated, by every conservative in Alabama.

The fact that Moore beat Strange in the run-off is proof there is a real movement behind the drain the swamp slogan. If McConnell had kept his mouth shut Luther would have won the primary. But Ole Mitch can’t help it, he is clueless. The liberals have out smarted Mitch again.  Status quo for the last 10 or 12 years. He can’t even win with a majority in both houses of Congress and Trump in the White house.

He’s a loser and we don’t take kindly to losing in this state, which is another reason Mitch is so despised by Alabamians.

So now it’s down to Radical Roy Moore and Doug Jones on the democratic side. Who the hell is Doug Jones anyway? But before we get to that here’s what happened next.

Chelsea Clinton began endorsing Doug Jones on Twitter under the #AlSen hashtag. Why? She’s not an elected official, but she is a Clinton.

Well one can only assume the liberal powers-that-be decided it was time for Chelsea to do something to earn that over a million dollar a year salary other than just being a Clinton, so she sprang into action.

My personal thoughts were; ‘butt out Chelsea, you don’t live here.’

It soon became obvious Chelsea’s endorsement was worthless, and rightfully so.

So the Lib’s needed to change tactics. They would attack Roy Moore’s background. It’s an old but effective tactic. The point of attack to use is the one that’s currently popular in the news cycle.

Guess what that is.

Since the Weinstein allegations were big news, and ‘sexually abused women’ were coming out in droves the weapon of choice was naturally allegations of sexual abuse.

The plan; use the same weapon to defeat Roy Moore. The story broke in the Washington post, and Roy Moore was convicted in the court of public opinion. All too easy.

Follow along here. First it was the Chelsea endorsement, which failed, then the Washington Post article.

Which begs the question; who fed the story to the Washington Post?

Am I defending Roy Moore? No, I don’t know if he’s guilty or not, and neither do you. But I do believe a man is innocent until proven guilty. I also know accusations are not facts. And accusations from someone about something that happened over 30 years ago are extremely suspect.

The planned attack from the democrats was instantly effective since sexual allegations were in the news cycle, Roy Moore is a man, he’s white, and he’s a republican. Guilty as accused.

Enter Gloria Allred, the pathetic legal leech whose schict is male character assassination. Dig up a female victim, or several victims, construct a biased (or BS)  story and parade this whole act through the court of public opinion, hoping to walk away with a sack full of money (where she and the victim split the cash, her percentage being higher than the victim’s because she so earned it).

Which raises another important question: who is paying for Gloria’s services? She’s not going to collect any money from her collection of clients; they don’t have the kind of money her fees call for. Even if this goes to court and she wins, it could be years before she sees a dime.

Someone is paying Gloria Allred right now, and it needs to be revealed who that is. The Democratic Party is- that is my accusation.

Who are Moore’s accusers? In in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter. Not to belittle them, but once this election is over, and if Doug Jones wins, Gloria Allred and the Democrats will drop them like a hot rock and their usefulness will have ended.

The attack is working, but Roy Moore will not lay down like most politicians. He will fight to the end. During his fight over the Ten Commandments statue, he had to be physically removed from office and I doubt he has changed. Moore’s stance eventually cost him his job.

How many politicians do you know who risked their careers for their beliefs?

Back to who the hell is Doug Jones anyway? I’m not going to bash Doug Jones, he seems like a normal person. But here is a fact you should be aware of. Doug Jones was a Bill Clinton appointee.

He will be a perfect sock-puppet for the Democrats if he wins in December. The first clue of he being a sock-puppet is in his campaign ad, were he says “healthcare is broken and we need to fix it.” Really? Your party broke it, and now you innocently want to fix it?

So the stage is set. Political sex slinging at its best, and it’s worst.

What’s at stake is a Senate seat which the GOP cannot afford to lose, but it looks like they might thanks to Mitch McConnell and idiots who comprise the jury in the court of public opinion.